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Nutrition3 Hondros

Hondros College Dayton Campus first nutrition test after midterms

A new food or new advice about food is more readily accepted if it comes from a friend.
In a store, the most nutritious foods are generally those with minimal processing.
The factor that has had the greatest effect on the food patterns in the United States is increase in the number of working mothers..
Sweet foods may be comforting because sweets appear to stimulate endorphins in the brain.
Food neophobia is fear of eating unfamiliar foods.
A meat that is avoided at all times according to Jewish dietary laws is pork.
A seafood that is avoided according to Jewish dietary laws is shrimp.
According to Muslim dietary laws, Ramadan is a 30-day period of daylight fasting is required.
The three food of the Mexican diet is beans, chili peppers and corn
African American main diet consists of pork, collard greens, a lot are lactose intolerant
A staple of the native American diet is corn
Descendants of the French colonist are called Cajuns
A basic round bottom pan used by the Chinese is a wok
The American diet is moving toward the concept of balanced days
Defining ideal body weight can be difficult because a wide range of weights can be associated with good health
Health problems associated with obesity are atherosclerosis and diabetes
An eating disorder characterized by gorging and puking is called bulimia nervosa
Problems associated with the use of very low calorie diets include decreased metabolism rates
Two factors to keep in mind when evaluating ideal weight include individual variation and necessity of body fat.
The criteria for clinical obesity includes body mass index of greater than 30.
A person with an underactive thyroid would have decreased energy need
One pound of fat equals 3500 kcals
The cyclic pattern of weight loss by dieting to achieve an unnatural but culturally ideal body thinness is called chronic dieting syndrome
Short term energy needs are met by using glycogen
For the body to maintain a high level of steady exercise sufficient oxygen must be supplied to the cells
Aerobic capacity is related to fitness of the heart and lungs
Excess protein intake is associated with an increase in the production of nitrgenic waste
The most beneficial rehydration is water
Excercise help reduce risks for heart disease by improving heart muscle function
Two factors to keep in mind when evaluating ideal weight include individual variation and necessity of body fat
Exercise helps control type 2 diabetes by increasing the number of insulin receptor sites.
Total energy requirement involves a contribution from resting metabolic rate, physical activity, and thermic effect of food.
An example of resistance training is using weights
The type of physical activity ballet provides is aerobic.
To achieve aerobic benefit, the pulse must be raised __________within the individual's maximal heart rate 60% to 90%
The body's ability to deliver and use oxygen in sufficient quantities to meet the demands of increasing levels of exercise, as measured in terms of maximal oxygen consumption, is called body fitness.
For athletes, a pregame meal may consist of spaghetti and sauce, bread, and juice.
A patient's subcutaneous fat stores can be estimated by measuring his or her skin fold thickness.
A laboratory test that indicates immune capacity is the lymphocyte count
A dietary analysis that requires the patient to remember what he or she ate or drank the previous day is a food intake recall.
The circumference of the middle upper arm is measured with a tape measure.
An example of a diet with modified nutrient content is a high-protein diet.
Physical measurements of the body, including height, weight, and skinfold thickness, are referred to as anthropometric measurements.
A plasma protein used to detect iron deficiencies is total iron-binding capacity.
Advanced care planning includes determining the future treatment of a patient.
The mode of feeding that provides nutrition through a tube into the gut is called enteral
The basic means of communication among health care team members is the patient’s medical record.
A medical test used to determine skeletal system integrity is dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry scan.
A test to measure protein metabolism is 24-hour urinary creatinine.
The term used to describe difficulty in swallowing is dysphagia.
A beverage that should be omitted from the diet of a patient with peptic ulcer disease is coffee.
Dietary changes that help reduce the incidence of constipation include increasing fluid intake.
A major difficulty in treating hepatitis is that the person usually has a poor appetite.
Nutritional therapy for gallbladder disorders includes low fat intake.
Inflammation of the tongue is called glossitis.
Dryness of the mouth from lack of normal secretions is called xerostomia.
Dietary care of a patient with gastro- esophageal reflux disease includes decreasing fat to approximately 45 g/day or less.
A bacteria associated with peptic ulcer disease is Helicobacter pylori.
An intolerance to gluten is associated with celiac disease.
A characteristic of cystic fibrosis is pancreatic insufficiency.
Calorie requirements recommended by age for children with cystic fibrosis are 105% to 150% of normal
Inflammation of pockets of tissue in the lining of the mucous membrane of the colon diverticulitis.
Crohns disease is referred to as inflammatory bowel disease
Medical nutrition therapy for patients with irritable bowel syndrome includes increased dietary fiber.
One controllable risk factor for coronary heart disease is smoking.
Nutritional therapy for hypertension includes high calcium and potassium intake.
Diet during the first 24/48 hrs after myocardial infarction include low energy intake.
The best way to prevent coronary disease is to develop a heart-healthy lifestyle during childhood.
Examples of foods high in soluble dietary fiber are oatmeal and kidney beans.
Fat is carried in the bloodstream in small wrapped packages called lipoproteins.
The lipoprotein that is desired at a higher serum level is high-density lipoprotein.
An optimal level for a serum triglyceride is 130 mg/dl.
The basic objective of diet therapy in congestive heart failure is to control fluid imbalance.
The condition known as the "silent disease" is hypertension.
Medical nutrition therapy for congestive heart failure sodium restriction
Metabolic syndrome is characterized by a triglyceride level of 150 mg/dl or greater
While shopping for food choices, the most helpful item is the food label
If a person is taking a calcium channel–blocking medication, avoid what? Grapefruit juice
Jewish people follow a Kosher diet, the sign on food labels is UK
Kosher Diet, meat and milk products are not mixed no cheeseburgers
Kosher Diet, eggs are neutral yes
Native Americans lack a negative feedback hormones that tells them their full called Leptin
Mediterranean diets include Olive oil
BMI: Less than 18 underweight
BMI: 19-24 normal
BMI: Over 25 overweight
BMI: Over 30 obese
BMI: Over 40 extreme obesity
An appetite stimulant secreted by the stomach is called Ghrelin
Low thyroxin decreases metabolism levels
When you fast if your calories are below 800kcal a day it causes acidosis,because it decrease the amount of leptin secreted.
Cystic Fibrosis is a malabsorption disease
Fuel sources carbs, glycogen and fatty acids
When exercising, How much carbs should be in the diet? 45-70% carbs
Protein containing iron needed for oxygen transport hemoglobin
Proportion of red blood cells to total blood volume Hematocrit
Protein storing iron for later use ferritin
Avoid taking iron with milk
Recommendation for water intake during athletic events are 12oz. every 15-20 minutes
Hydrostatic weighing is the gold standard
Plasma protein basic measurements serum albumin, prealbumin, ferratin, hemoglobin
To test Gi function barium swallow
Analgesics and NSAID’s cause liver and stomach bleeds
Anti ulcer meds- reduce what? caffeine clearance builds up
Antibiotics destroy good bacteria
Anti-neoplastics avoid alcohol
Anti- coagulant avoid vitamin K
Antiemetic causes drowsiness
Anticonvulsants decreases the effects of alcohol
Antidepressants- MAOI’s no tyramine
Antihistamines decreases what? decrease appetites
Antihypertensive(statins) avoid grapefruit juice
Antiparkinson diet low protein
Anti tuberculosis take on an empty stomach
Corticosteroids with or without food food
With Bronchodilators, what do you limit? caffeine
Hypoglycemic meds avoid alcohol
Corticosteroids deplete vitamin C stores
High fiber decreases the absorption of minerals and vitamins
What does Garlic do? decrease cholesterol, is an anticoagulant, antibiotic and anti fungal
What does Fenugreek do? increases milk supply in women, can lower blood sugar
What does Ginseng do? effects insulin levels, anti coagulant
St. Johns Wort anti depression, causes side effects with SSRI’s
What is Gingivitis? Inflammation of Gum
Kelosis S/S cracks in the corner of the mouth
What is Stomaticitis? inflammation of the oral mucosa
Risks of dysphagia Alzheimer’s, brain tumors, strokes. Head trauma
Signs of dysphagia reluctance to eat, slow eating, pocketing food, sticking pain
What is Thrush yeast infection in the mouth, Candida
Out pouching of the stomach through the diaphragm is called Hiatal Hernia
Peptic ulcers are caused by imbalance of gastric acid and pepsin
With Cystic Fibrosis avoid Wheat, barley and rye
cause of cystic fibrosis secretion of too much mucus.
Signs of cystic fibrosis are DAIREHHA AND Steatorrhea( fat in the stools)
Short bowel syndrome has the need to increase probiotics (yogurt)
Ulcerative Colitis s/s are abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea
Crohns s/s are abdominal pain and diarrhea avoid spicy foods, milk and sugar lactose
Life threatening risks for individuals with diarrhea include the very young the very old and the immune impaired
With viral infection you need to avoid sugar foods, milk, slowly introduce electrolytes
Maladaptive disorders include PKU and galactacemia
Allergic to Casein whey and milk
Allergic to Gluten wheat
Allergic to Albumin eggs
Anaphylactic response to peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish
In Celiac disease, Steatorrhea is a common finding, they need increase kilocalories by 20%
When exercising, How much fat should be in the diet? Reduce fat to 15-25% (no more than 30)
When exercising, How much protein should be in the diet? Protein 10-35%
Created by: ChristinaDale