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mod b voc

1. apo Separation
2. –desis binding
3. Intra : within
4. –malacia softening
5. Quad four
6. Amputation Surgical excision of a limb, part or other appendage
7. Aponeurosis A fibrous sheet of connective tissue that serves to attach muscle to bone or other tissue
8. Atrophy a lack of nourishment; a wasting of muscular tissue that may be caused by lack of use
9. Brachialgia Pain in the arm
10. Diaphragm The partition, of muscles and membranes, that separates the chest cavity and the abdominal cavity.
11. Dystrophy Faulty muscular development caused by lack of nourishment
12. Fascia a thin layer of connective tissue covering, supporting, or connecting the muscles or the inner organs of the body.
13. Fascioplasty surgical repair of a fascia
14. Flaccid lacking muscle tone, weak, soft and flabby
15. Insertion point the point of attachment of a muscle to the part that it moves
16. Isometric pertaining to having equal measure
17. Isotonic pertaining to having the same tone or tension
18. Lordosis abnormal anterior curve of the spine
19. Myolysis destruction of muscle tissue
20. Myosarcoma a malignant tumor derived from muscle tissue
21. Myomelanosis a condition of abnormal darking of muscle tissue
22. Origin The beginning of anything; the more fixed attachment of a skeletal muscle
23. Rhabdomyoma a tumor of the striated muscle tissue
24. Sarcolemma a plasma membrane surrounding each striated muscle fiber
25. Scoliosis lateral curvature of the vertebral column
26. Tenodynia pain in a tendon
27. Triceps a muscle having 3 heads with a single insertion
28. Visceral pertaining to a viscus
29. Muscles make up what % of body weight? 42%
30. What are the functions of the muscular system? Responsible for movement, maintain posture (tonicity), help produce heat
1. Abrasion Rubbed away due to scrapping
2. Anaerobic microorganism which thrives best or lives without oxygen.
3. Aseptic germ free
4. Autoclave A chamber for sterilizing with steam under pressure
5. Bactericidal ability to destroy disease causing bacteria
6. Biopsy the removal of tissue for purposes of determining the presence of cancerous (malignant) cells.
7. Carbolic acid disinfectant, used to kill germs, founded by Joesph Lister
8. Cryosurgery use of freezing temperatures from a probe to destroy abnormal cells
9. Disinfection The process of destroying pathogenic organisms
10. Electrocautery An instrument couglates small blood vessels.
11. Hepatitis B caused by hepatitis B virus (HBV) which infects the liver, recommend by dr. that vaccine is given
12. Hyfrectors small electrocautery units used to perform minor cautery procedures in the medical office
13. I&D incision & drainage; relives the build
14. Immunity resistance to disease
15. Incisions surgical SMOOTH cut into the tissue
16. Incubation period of time during which a disease develops after the person is exposed
17. Invasive pathogen enters the body through a portal of entry(respiratory, digestive, reproductive, urinary tract & skin)
18. Laceration a wound in which the edges are torn in an irregular shape
19. What do lymphocytes produce? antibodies
20. Nosocomial infection acquired at the hospital
21. Pathogen a disease producing microorganism
22. Phagocytosis Process of engulfing, digesting and destroying pathogens
23. Probe instrument used to explore wound and cavities usually with a curved blunt point
24. Puncture to pierce with an object to make a hole
25. Sanitization to make sanitary, careful scrubbing of inserterments
26. Scrub assistant a sterile assistant who passes instruments, swabs bodily fluids from the operative site, retracts incisions, and cuts sutures.
27. Sterile all microorganisms and spores are killed
28. Sutures bring and hold tissues together
29. Syndrome A group of symptoms or disorders
30. Xylocaine a local anesthetic
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