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aseptic tech test re

aseptic technique test review

circulating nurse should not walk between 2 sterile fields true
a principle of universal precautions every case is considered contaminated
good general health and cleaniness is considered good aspectic technique
the st drapes a non-sterile field towards them
nosocomial infection is hospital acquired infection
back of the gown is sterile false
unsterile water comes in contact w/sterile surface is considered strike thru contamination
purpose of wearing scrubs in the or to prevent cross contamination
most important factor to be maintained in the or aseptic technique
sterile items dropped on the floor are contaminated
a violation of sterility can wait false
septisis is defined as pathogenic organisms in blood/feces
intraoperative maintaining aseptic technique all of the above
sequence of opening a sterile package away,side,side,toward
which is put on first hat/bonnet
resident flora is easily removed by hand washing false
which best describes flora picked up by others transient flora
all are true about OR attire except change between cases
supplies are handled to maintain aseptic technique except there are no exceptions
time for a proper scrub 5 minutes
back tables are sterile only on the top
doors to the OR must remain closed
which is a break in aseptic technique hands under armpits
process of reducing microorganism from hands surgical scrub
what is the minimum distance the circulator must be from the sterile field 12 inches
when opening sterile packages pull the the last flap towards you true
when would sterility be questionable a sterile package found in a unsterile workroom
sterile members can pass in the or front to front,back to back
masks are vital in the OR, when are they changed between cases
wheels on equipment in the OR are kept clean to prevent infection
which is true about sterile technique top of back table is sterile
is a sterile package is dropped must be discarded
the case is cancelled, your back table is covered and the next case isn't for 2 hrs, your setup is still sterile false
fundmentals of OR technique all of the above
a thorough handwashing is a prevention of infection true
a ST see a surgeon contaminate his gloves, what do you do inform the surgeon of the aseptic break and ask him to change his gloves
a sterile item is hanging over the edge of your back table, what do you do discard it
when gowning another team member, the ST hands are at the neck line and outside of the gown
which is not acceptable reaching behind the surgeon
deep layer of skin dermis
who assists pt in moving to the OR table circulator
who assists anesthetist during induction and intubation circulator
who places grounding pad on pt circulator
who arrange instruments/supplies on back table st
who checks OR table,suction,lights and ESU circulator
who secures the drain circulator
who gowns/gloves surgeon/assistants st
who does initial count dual
who watches for breaks in aseptic technique dual
who performs a surgical hand scrub st
who checks the schedule for assigned cases dual
who checks chart for history,consent forms, ect circulator
who pulls instruments/supplies according to case routine dual
who arranges back table to complete the sterile field st
who connects suction/esu to machines circulator
who identifies the pt circulator
Created by: clmcnees
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