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Phlebo Procedures-10

Hwk Packet #8

Midstream clean-catch urine specimens are delivered to the _______________ section of the laboratory for culturing. Microbiology
The ____________________ provide documentation of the correct handling of urine drug collection specimens. Chain of custody
Urine specimens that cannot be tested within 2 hours should be _______________. Refrigerated
To obtain an accurate timed specimen, the patient is instructed to begin and end the collection with an _______________. Empty bladder
A pH of 9.5, a specific gravity of 1.002, or a blue-green urine color might suggest possible _______________ with a urine drug collection specimen. Adulteration
Analysis of an incomplete 24-hour urine specimen will produce falsely _______________ results. Decreased
_______________ containers should not be given to hospital outpatients for the collection of fecal specimens. Note that this type of container is used by reference laboratories. Paint can style
A patient with a requisition for a semen analysis should be advised to not collect the specimen in ________________ A condom
When a semen specimen is delivered to the laboratory, the phlebotomist should record _______________. Time of specimen collection
The technique for collecting a throat culture involves avoiding swabbing the inside of the ________________. Cheeks
The sweat electrolyte test is used for the diagnosis of _______________. Cystic Fibrosis
___________________ is the technique used to collect sweat electrolytes. Pilocarpine Iontophoresis
When collecting sweat electrolytes, the collection site is cleansed before and after stimulation with _______________. Deionized water
Failure to tightly seal specimens for sweat electrolytes during collection and transport will cause _______________ values due to _______________. Increased/Evaporation
A small ampule of transport media is present in throat swab collection kits. The purpose of this media is to keep __________ __________ during transport. Bacteria alive
When a patient has a unit of blood drawn prior to surgery with the understanding that the unit may be given back during surgery, the collection is called _____________. Autologous donation
The amount of blood collected from a person donating a unit of blood is between __________ and __________. 405 and 495 (or 400 and 500)
Which of the following would disqualify a person from donating blood? A. Temp of 98 deg. B. Weight of 200 lbs C. BP of 140/85 D. Hemoglobin of 11.0 gm/dL D. Hemoglobin of 11.0 gm/dL
The process of _______________ _______________ can be used in the treatment of Polycythemia or Hemochromatosis. Therapeutic Phlebotomy
The process in which a person donates a specific blood component and the remainder of the blood is returned to him/her is called _______________. Apheresis
To prevent hemolysis of donor blood _______________ needles are used for collection. Large bore gauge
_______________ is frequently treated by performing therapeutic phlebotomy. Polycyhemia
______________ is fluid collected from a joint, whereas _______________ fluid is collected from the abdominal cavity. Synovial/Peritoneal
A phlebotomist who is unsure of the instructions to give a patient regarding collection of a specimen should check the ________________. Laboratory procedure manual
Many non-blood specimens such as CSF must be analyzed immediately to prevent loss of __________ and ____________________. Glucose/Cellular elements
A special precaution to be taken with an amniotic fluid specimen for bilirubin is to protect the specimen from _______________. Light
The distribution of a CSF specimen in tubes labeled #1, #2 and #3 should be: #____ to hematology, #____ to chemistry, and #____ to microbiology. #3, #1, and #2
Serum or plasma should be separated from cells by centrifugation within _______________ minutes to prevent contamination by cellular constituents. 120
Interstate shipping of infectious material is regulated by the ____________________. United States Dept. of Transportation
Which of the following pieces of equipment is located in the central processing area? A. Microscope B. Blood gas analyzer C. Differential stainer D. Centrifuge D. Centrifuge
The correct procedure to follow for processing specimens to be sent to a reference laboratory is to check the _______________. Reference lab manual
Assigning of specimen identification numbers and distribution of specimens in the laboratory is the process known as _______________. Accessioning
Any _______________ tube can be centrifuged immediately after collection, while _______________ tube must be allowed to clot. Anticoagulated/Serum
A phlebotomist in central processing receives an SST with a requisition for tests performed in chemistry and at a reference laboratory. The phlebotomist should _______________ the specimen for both laboratories. Aliquot
The production of biohazardous ______________and broken glass are a major safety concern with processing specimens and centrifuging. Aerosol
Blood specimens should be stored in an _______________ position while clotting and should not be rimmed to avoid _______________. Upright/Hemolysis
The amount of serum obtained will be ______________ after centrifuging a tube of blood from a patient with polycythemia. Decreased
CPT codes must be consistent with _______________ related to the relevant ICD-9 diagnosis code. Medical necessity
Phlebotomists may be required to classify tests using a _______________ code. CPT
When using laboratory computer systems, phelbotomists are concerned with the __________ and __________ of data. Input/Retrieval
A phlebotomist must enter their ________________ prior to obtaining information from a LIMS system. Password
Entry of patient information into the computer is often aided by the use of _______________. Bar codes
AUTOLOGOUS DONATION Donation of a unit of blood designated to be available to the donor during surgery.
SWEAT ELECTROLYTES Diagnostic test for the detection of Cystic Fibrosis
ALIQUOT A portion of a sample
THERAPEUTIC PHLEBOTOMY Collection of a unit of blood performed as a patient treatment
IONTOPHORESIS Electrical stimulation of soluble salt ions used in the collection of sweat electrolyte specimens
APHERESIS Removal of specific cellular components or plasma from a person's blood
PILOCARPINE A sweat-inducing chemical
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