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Phlebo Procedures-09

Hwk Packet #7

A _______________ test order is classified as the highest priority. STAT
Magor phlebotomy rounds are scheduled early in the morning because patients will be in a _______________ state. Basal/Fasting
_______________ is the classification for a patient who is not allowed to have food or water for a specified time. NPO
A phlebotomist who enters a patient's room to collect a fasting specimen and finds the patient eating breakfast should: Notify the nursing station
If a supervisor tells a phlebotomist to collect a fasting specimen from a nonfasting patient, the phlebotomist should record ____________________ on the requisition slip. Non-Fasting
One of the most difficult phlebotomy procedures is the collection of _____________________ used to check for possible septicemia. Blood Cultures
Collection of a chemistry specimen at 1600 may result in _______________ levels that are half of those drawn at 0900. Cortisol (Plasma)
To monitor changes in a patient's hemoglobin level, a phlebotomist may be requested to collect specimens at ____________________. Specific times
Plasma Cortisol levels are scheduled to be drawn between 0800 and 1000 because cortisol exhibits _______________. Diurnal Variation
Peak and trough levels are collected to monitor _______________ levels. Therapeutic drug
A _______________ blood specimen should be collected after the patient has eaten. Postprandial
The timing for a GTT begins when the patient ____________________. Finishes drinking the glucola
A trough level is drawn _______________ drug administration. Prior to
The term ________________ is associated with timed collections. Diurnal Variation
The number of specimens collected from a patient receiving a 2-hour postprandial glucose test is _________________. Two
The specimens collected during the GTT after the patient drinks the glucose will be analyzed at the end of the test. The specimens should be collected in _______________ top tubes. Gray
Included on a peak or trough level requisition form is the time the medication was given, the method of administration, and _______________. The time the specimen is drawn.
A fasting specimen for a GTT is drawn at 0700, and the patient finishes drinking the glucose at 0745. _______________ is the correct time to draw the 1-hour specimen. 0845
A phlebotomist who cannot locate a patient on whom a cortisol level is scheduled for collection at 1000 should _______________. Return the requisition to the nursing station for recheduling
Detecting the presence of _______________ is the purpose of drawing blood cultures. Septicemia
_________________ is the most important consideration when collecting a blood culture. Aseptic Technique
The order in which cleansing solutions are applied to the patient's arm before and after the collection of a blood culture is _____, _____, and _____. Alcohol, Iodine, Alcohol
After collection, a blood culture is delivered to the _______________ department. Microbiology
Some blood culture collection systems contain a resin to ____________________. Inactivate antibiotics
Three blood cultures from a patient requiring ASAP administration of antibiotics are collected _______________ from _______________. Ate the same time/Different sites
The ideal time for collecting a blood culture is _______________ the patient's temperature _______________. Just before/Spikes
The purpose of sodium polyanetholsulfonate in a blood culture bottle is to _______________. Prevent clotting
When blood is inoculated into blood culture bottles using a butterfly apparatus, the _______________ bottle is inoculated first. Aerobic
To inoculate blood culture media with blood drawn in a syringe, the phlebotomist inoculates the _______________ media first. Anaerobic
Specimens that require chilling immediately after collection are placed in a container of _______________. Ice and water
Specimens for beta-carotene, vitamins A and B12, and _______________ should be protected from light. Bilirubin
Name a test that must be placed on ice immediately after collection. Lactic acid (also Gastrin or Amonia)
Chain of custody refers to the _______________ of specimen handling for _______________ specimen. Documentation/Legal (Forensic)
A blood specimen for DNA analysis to determine paternity is considered to be a ________________ specimen. Legal (Forensic)
Specimens for cold agglutinins must be kept _______________. Warm
If a collection tube is only partially filled a falsely _______________ blood alcohol level may be obtained. Decreased
A phlebotomist on the evening shift draws a specimen for cold agglutinins and places it in the refrigerator for the morning shift. Test results of this specimen would be _______________. Falsely decreased
T or False A phlebotomist required to testify in a legal proceeding may be asked questions regarding the method of chemical analysis. False
T or F Applying heat, using a blood pressure cuff, and swabbing the area with alcohol or iodine are all acceptable techniques when locating a venipuncture site in a geriatric patient. True
The best choice of equipment for venipuncture form a geriatric or pediatric patient with small fragile veins is a __________ gauge needle and a _______________ with a syringe. 23/Butterfly
T or F Telling a child it will not hurt is acceptable when performing venipunctures on a pediatric patient. False
T or F Methods to reassure pediatric patients would not include showing them the needle. True
FORENSIC Pertaining to legal proceedings
PEAK LEVEL Specimen collected when a serum drug level is highest
ASEPTIC Free of contamination by microorganisms
FASTING Abstinence from food and liquids (except water) for a specified time
SEPTICEMIA Pathogenic microorganisms in the blood
DIURNAL VARIATION Normal changes in blood constituent levels at different time of the day
TROUGH LEVEL Specimen collected when a serum drug level is lowest
CHAIN OF CUSTODY Documentation of the collection and handling of forensic specimens
GERIATRIC Pertaining to old age
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