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Ch.7 Sections 1-3

Getting ready to cook, teamwork and food presentation

Teamwork Getting the job done as a team with no one person working as a star
Communication Giving and receiving information effectively or ineffectively
Types of communication Oral or Verbal, Written and Nonverbal
Ways to communicate effectively Be patient when listening, Be confident when talking, Listen to what is being said, Have eye contact, Ask question
Good work habits Work as a total unit,Help others when possible, Avoid saying "That's not my job", Work quickly and efficiently, Give thanks and credit when due, Do your part of the job, Expect no more from your fellow employee than what you are willing to give
Three basic rules for plate presentation Hot foods hot, cold foods cold, Plates neat, with no drips or smudges, Food attractive and appealing
Portioning foods Means serving the correct amount of a particular food
Why is portioning food important? Makes guest feel they are paying a fair price,Makes it easier to plan your work, You can reduce the amount of food waste
What tools can be used to porting food? Ladles and scoops
Why are color, texture, and shape important when plating food? Improves nutritional value of the dish and adds additional textures and shapes, which gives variety to the meal
Inventory The list of food and equipment you have on hand
Mise en place The french term that mean "to put in place"
Priority The order in which the most important task is done first
Tasks Small jobs that lead to completion of your assignment
Color An indication that tells you when a food is properly cooked
Workstation The place where you gather the tools and ingredients you need
Plate presentation The way you put food into a dish or plate
Created by: mlbevins