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OR environ test rev

OR environment test review

good general health & personal hygeine are part of the 12 principles of aseptic technique
who can enter the or
how far do non-explosive outlets need to be off of the floor 5 feet
when is the surgical hat put on before you put your scrubs on
making an electrical connection w/the earth grounding
firest that occur in/near electrical equipment are what classifaction of fires class c
what is the optimal temperature in the or 60 - 80 degrees
common surgical attachment for hand surgery hand table
purpose of covering or attire when leaving the or prevent cross contamination
process of depriving/losing water, causes drying of tissues dehydration
which is worn by the or surgeon headlight
what is the purpose of scrub attire prohibit of contamation in the or/ operative wound
the or suite is ideally located near all except cafeteria
what is used to store items needed for the surgical team closed supply cabinet
jewelery s/b prohibited because of all of the above
if the electrial path is imcomplete, the current will find an alternate path true
which is used to extend/support the arm and to pad it padded arm board
the or suite is divided into which 2 areas restricted/unrestricted
whicl a surgical procedure is in progress, the doors to the or should remain closed
you've been schedulded to do an exploratory lab and you have a cut on you hand, what should you do inform your supervisor
which is no longer used in the or, due to the low filteration effiency cloth masks
components of fire fuel,heat,oxygen
surgical masks s/be changed for each procedure
placement of the grounding pad works best on hairy parts of the body false
proper way to remove mask after a procedure remove by strings and throw away
sudden stimulation of nerves/muscle contractions electrical shock
when changing into or attire, what is to be put on 1st hair bonnet
all are typical equipment in the or EXCEPT water fountain
surgical mask must be worn at all times while in the or
which determines the # of operating rooms are required in an or suite types of surgeries performed
nitrogen is stored in what color container black
oxygen is stored in what color container green
nitrous oxide is stored in what color container blue
which or equiments is used to monitor cardiac activity ekg
which is used for discarding sponges/labs during a procedure kick bucket
all are located in the or EXCEPT cast room
when a staff member leaves the or suite the lab coat s/b clean,closed and knee length
all are included in the unrestricted area of the or EXCEPT sterile supply room
process of drying; to cause tissue destruction by drying desiccation
piece of or equipment that shines on the pt overhead lighting devices
surgical masks are vital to prevent infections by change between cases
holds sterile equipment & is positioned across the sterile field mayo stand
what is considered good techniques for masks handle only by the strings
for scrubs, all are true except must be changed between cases
burn as a result of acid chemical burn
2 types of ESU's monopolar & bipolar
pt grounding pad is placed where fleshy part of body
a flammable anethetic gasses except halotane
dry,powder chemical fire extingisher both b & c
piece of or equipment used prior to procedure case cart
Created by: clmcnees