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Breakfast Foods Ch.9

Ch. 9 Breakfast

Alubmen The egg white - made up of protein and water
Shell Hard outer casing that protects the egg inside
Yolk The yellow center of an egg; it contains protein, fat and a substance called lecithin, which serves as an emulsifier
Grade AA eggs The freshest eggs, have a compact white and yolk
Grade A egg Slightly runny white; good for dishes where eggs are blended or whisked
Grade B Runny white and flat, off centered yolk; used for baking and batters
What does egg size indicate? Weight
What forms are eggs purchased? Shell eggs, Bulk eggs, Dried eggs, Eggs substitutes
What is cultured? Made by adding a specific type of bacteria to milk, buttermilk, sour cream and yogurt
Clarified butter Removing milk solids and water leaving what is called clarified butter
Crepe French pancake
Scone Rich biscuit that sonetimes contains raisins and is served with butter, jam, or thick cream
Continental breakfast Light breakfast of baked goods, served with coffee, tea or juice
Poached egg Removed from the shell and cooked in hot water until set, but tender
Shirred eggs Baked eggs made by cracking a whole egg into a cup and then cooking it in the oven
Quiche Type of baked dish, eggs are blended with cream or milk, poured into a crust and baked, includes a filling such as bacon, sausage, cheese, mushrooms, onions, etc
Souffle A light, puffed egg dish baked in a ceramic dish
Homogenized A process that evenly distributes and emulsifies the fat particles
Bacon Salted and smoked meat that comes from the belly of a pig
Canadidan bacon Comes from a much leaner portion of the pig
Sausage A combination of ground meat, fat, water and salt, with a variety of flavorings added, saussages are avalable as both patties and links
Ham Common all over the country, smoked, precoooked or presliced
Batter Wet form of dough made from flour, oil or melted butter, eggs milk or liquid and baking powder ex. pancakes and waffles
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