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law/ethics med term

law/ethics medical terminology

A person accused of a tort/crime who is required answer in a legal action or suit Defendant
The expectation that an individual may be called to account for actions taken which were consistent with the responsibilities for which they contracted by virtue of employment/learner experience Accountability
The occarance speaks for itself Ioquitur
Being unqualified/inadequate to perform a duty/duties Incompetence
A person having special training/experience who assists a judge/jury in their decision-making process Expert witness
The carrying out of physically-threatened harm Battery
One who commences a legal action or suit to obtain a remedy for an injury to his/her rights; the complaining party Plaintiff
A spoken defamation of character; an untruthful oral statement about a person that subjects that person to ridicule or contempt Slander
A legal process charging a party with a wrong done or a crime committed Complaint
Improper,careless,or ignorant treatment; an act of negligence as applied to a professional person such as a physician,nurse, or dentist Malpractice
To be legally bound, as to make good any loss or damage that occurs in a transaction; to be answerable; to be responsible Liable
A wrong that violates a person's right to be free from unauthorized intrusion Invasion of privacy
A statement made to a lawyer,physician,or clergyman in confidence and is implicitly understood that it shall remain a secret Confidential communication
The degree of negligence in which each of the parties may be shown to have been responsible for the injury complained of Neglegence
An illegal act against society Crime
The supervisor,instructor,or physician is absent while the ST is performing their responsibilities or they are not near enough to the tech to give assistance Lack of proper supervision
Wrongs of slander and libel Defamation
Confidence and satisfaction in oneself Self-esteem
A serious crime punishable by law with penalties ranging from imprisionment to death Felony
Customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group Culture
A lawsuit Litigation
Unlawful threat to harm another physically Assault
Personal, subjective responses to a person or situation Feelings
Emotion marked by dread,apprehension or alarm Fear
Physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension Stress
Mental position, feeling, or emotion toward a fact or state attitude
Putting oneself in another's position; participating in another's feelings or ideas Empathy
Gestures, mannerisms, body movements, bearing, and physical appearance of an individual which communicates information and attitudes to the reciever Body language
Receiving, processing, and evaluating sounds Listening
1 that belongs to the same group in society, determined by age,grade or status Peer
Process by which info is exchanged between individuals thru a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior Communication
During surgery Intaoperative
Before surgery Preoperative
To prevent the occurance of a disease or illness Prophylactic
Occurs immediately before,during,& after surgery Perioperactive
To determine the nature and cause of illness Diagnostic
To put on Don
Branch of medicine dealing w/manual & operative procedures to correct deformaties/defects, & to repair injury,& to diagnose/cure disease Surgery
All personnel that contribute to the care of pts, whether directly or indirectly Health care team
To relieve or alliviate symptoms, w/o curing the underlying cause of illness Pallitive
a member of the surgical team who supplies the needs of the scrub team Circulator
Surgical care performed under various types of anethesia w/o overnight hospitalization Ambulatory surgery
To regain the pts health & strength so that the pt may resume normal daily activities Restorative
member of the surgical team who scrubs their hands & arms/dons sterile gloves & gown; responsible for sterile supplies & equipment w/in the sterile field Scrub person
Specially trained physicain who provides anesthesia to surgical patients Anesthesiologist
Created by: clmcnees
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