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CH 14, 15, &16 Notes

TRICARE, CHAMPVA, Workmans Compensation, Disability

TRICARE Eligibility Has to be an active in or retired from the Military under age 65 -Ususally 20 years of service
CHAMPVA People who have served less than 20 years in the military and Veterans
How many choices are in TRICARE and what are they There are 3 -TRICARE Standard, TRICARE Extra, & TRICARE Prime.
All TRICARE eligible persons must be enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)
TRICARE Identification Cards Over the age 10 gets a TRICARE card (a child that is a dependent)
Catchment Area Is a specific region defined by ZIP codes surrounding Military Treatment Facility (MTF) -Usually only 40 Miles in radius
TRICARE's Fiscal Year Begins October 1st ans ends September 30th the following year
What is VistA in the Military It is the electronic health record for the military
Workman's Compensation To get Injured, an Illness, or a disease while ON THE JOB. You have to be on your work site.
The Benefits of Workman's Comp (5) 1Medical treatment, 2Temporary disability indemnity, 3Permanent disability indemnity, 4Death benefits for survivors, 5Rehabilitation benefits
Who are all that fill out a Form Both the Employee and the Physician
Deposition Something done under OATH and IN PERSON-Taking a sworn testimony from a witness
Liens A claim on a property of another for payment of a dept / A Liability
Disability Types Temporary, Total/Permanent, Partial/Residual
Disability Insuance is Is coverage that provides a specific monthly or weekly income when a person becomes unable to work temporarily or totally because of an illness or injury
Disability Benefit Period Is the maximum amount of time that benefits will be paid
Disability Waiting Period the time from beginning of disability to receiving the first payment of benefits
Lien A claim on a property of another as security for debt
Subpoena "Under Penalty"-commanding a witness to appear at a trial
Adjudication The final determination of the issue involving settlement of an insurance claim (Claim Settlement)
Accident An unexpected happening, causing injury traceable to a definite time and place
Litigation The process of taking to court. Litigation is one way that people and companies resolve disputes of factual circumstances.
Promissory Note A contract where one party makes a promise in writting to pay under specific terms.
TRICARE Formerly CHAMPUS, the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services; name changed in 1994
TRICARE Benificiary An individual who qualifies for TRICARE
TRICARE sponsor The active duty service member
TRICARE Standard Fee for service, cost sharing type of option
TRICARE Extra Preferred Provider Organization type of option
TRICARE Prime Health Maintenance Organization type of option
TRICARE for Life Is a supplementary payer to medicare for retirees, their spouces, 65 and older
TRICARE Prime Remote A program designed for active duty service members (ADSMs) who work and live more than 50 miles or 1 hour from the Military Treatment Facility (MTF)
Benificiary vs Sponsors who qualifies for it vs who is an active service member
OSHA Occupational Safty and Health Administration-to protect employees against on the job health and safty issues
Created by: lorireid1980