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laws/ethic test rev

laws/ethic test review

surgeon who developed the interrupted silk suture technique holstead
OSHA regulates hours of work for ST's false
which is not a member of the surgical team clerical personnel
founder of modern study of anatomy vesalius
where will an st NOT work ICU
english surgeon refered to as father of modern aspectic surgery lister
credited for ligatures to control hemorrhages pare
founder of pathological anatomy mordagni
father of histology malpighi
who does housekeeping in the or orderly
to relieve/alleviate symptoms, w/out curing the underlying cause of the disease palliative
to prevent the occurrence of a disease/illness prophylactic
which is NOT classified as a hospital for profit
which does not perform surgery CRNA
a specially trained nurse who provides anesthesia to the pt CRNA
is directly responsible for everything/everyone in the or suite director of surgery
a physician who assists the primary surgeon physician 1st assistant
unsterile member of the or team anesthesiologist
who dons steril apparel ST
what is not an occupational hazard of the or sitting for majority of cases
what is not a job responsibilities for the st documenting counts
what should the ST not do during surgery chat w/the surgeon
the st can place clamps during surgery false
simple of character traits,attitudes,behaviors that distinguish an individual from others is "personality" false
confidence/satisfaction in oneself self-esteem
communication among team is considered teamwork true
behavior limited by social protocol are expected to be shared & respected is what type of relationship social
not a mutual relationship is what type of relationship any combination
between pt & health care team is what type of relationship therapeutic
goal directed is what type of relationship any combination
between co-workers of a profession is what type of relationship professional
involves the care/treatment of the pt by the health care team is what type of relationship therapeutic
behavior is guided by ethical code/policies of institution,common curtesy and good manners is what type of relationship professional
communication sent on ways others than by words non-verbal
communication in which words are written written
communication in which words are spoken aloud oral
communication using words verbal
eye contact by staring shows focus and isa desirable listening skill false
attention is shown by displaying openness using positive nonverbal communications and not interrupting true
receptiveness means that one is open minded toward the speaker/message true
arms folded tightly high on chest is what type of body language negative
pt: i hate waiting here care giver: you are frustrated w/waiting is what type of therapeutic communication reflective
i'm not sure i understand. are you saying that. is what type of therapeutic communication clarifying
unlawful threat to harm another physically assault
the carrying out of a physical threat battery
a statement made to a lawyer,dr or clergy in confidence confidential communication
the occurrence speaks for itself doctrine of res ipsa loquitur
master will answer for the acts of the servant doctrine of respondeat superior
governing rules of standards ethics
written defamation libel
improper,careless or ignorant treatment malpractice
1 who commences a legal action/suit to obtain a remedy for an injury. the complaining party plaintiff
spoken defamation of character slander
a legal wrong committed by 1 person involving injury to another person tort
being unqualified/inadequate to perform a duty/duties incompetence
lack of care/skills that any person in the same situation w/be expected to use negligence
state of being answerable/responsible liability
the expectation that an individual may be called to account for actions taken accountability
surgical conscience is the ability to truly care about the pt
the patients bill of rights has how many points 12
attitude is the mental position for fact/state of mind true
Created by: clmcnees