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Phlebo Procedures-01

Hwk Packet #1

Phlebotomy is defined as _______________ to obtain blood. An incision into a vein
_______________ is the specimen collected by a phlebotomist. Blood
To _______________ is the goal of patient-focused care. Increase efficency
A _______________ is the healthcare setting in which most phlebotomists are employed. Hospital
A _______________ is a type of laboratory that performs highly specialized laboratory testing. Reference Laboratory
What should a phlebotomist do prior to placing an incoming phone call on hold? Check for an emergency
A phlebotomist who takes an examination offered by a professional phlebotomy organization is seeking _______________. Certification
It is important to look _______________ when communicating with a hearing impared patient. Directly at a patient
The three components of communication are: 1. Verbal Skills 2. Listening Skills and 3. Non-verbal Skills (Body language)
_______________ and motivation are the most important characteristics to ensure job security and advancement in phlebotomy. Flexibility
In general, when it come to appearance a _______________ appearance indicateds a tendancy toward sloppy _______________. Sloppy/Performance
A patient calls the laboratory to schedule an appointment for a chest x-ray. What should the phlebotomist who answers the phone do? Find the correct #, give it to the caller and Transfer them to the correct #
_______________ is the hospital department that performs Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT scan). Radiology
In the hospital setting, the clinical laboratory is part of _______________ services. Professional
_______________ is the hospital department that treats breathing disorders. Respiratory
The hospital department that uses radioisotopes in diagnosing and treating disease is _______________. Nuclear Medicine
The _______________ is the patient-care area in which the phlebotomist would encounter the youngest patient. NICU - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
All healthcare professionals are expected to participate in _____________________________ to obtain CEU's and maintain certification. CEA's - Continuing Education Activities
The _______________ is the primary liasion between the medical staff and the laboratory staff. Pathologist
The _______________ is responsible for the overall technical and administrative management of the laboratory. Laboratory Manager
The _______________ and the _______________ are the two major areas of the clinical laboratory. Anatomical and Clinical
_______________ is another name for the blood bank due to antigen and antibody testing. Immunohematology
The _______________ section would perform Cholesterol testing. Chemistry
Parasitology is located in the _______________ section of the laboratory. Microbiology
What is the major difference between plasma and Serum? Fibrinogen - Clotting factor, plasma contains protein and serum does not.
_______________ is the most common specimen that is analyzed in the hematology section of the laboratoy. Whole blood
The main anticoagulant for coagulation studies is? Sodium Citrate
ABO and Rh typing are performed in the _______________ department of the laboratory. Blood Bank
The APTT (PTT) test is performed in _______________ department of the laboratory. Coagulation are of Hematology
A patient has a suspected infection. What blood test is a physician likely to order? CBC - Complete Blood Count
A ______________ level is is a test that monitors an antidepressant medication. Lithium
The chemistry test called ______________ contains the components Na, K, Cl, and CO2 and evaluates body fluid balance. Electrolytes
The abbreviation _______________ is for the agency that provides proficiency testing in the clinical laboratory and is the primary accrediting agency for clinical laboratories. CAP -
What components are required to complete the chain of infection? A. A source B. A method of transmission C. A susceptible host
A _______________ infection is an infection contracted by a patient while in the hospital. Nosocomial
A patient with tuberculosis would be placed in _______________ isolation and be under _______________ precautions. Respiratory/Airborne
_______________ is the recommended disinfectant for blood and body fluid contamination. Household Bleach (1:10 Sodium Hypochlorite)
The term "Universal Precautions" or body substance isolation (BSI) considers ____________________. All bodily fluid and moist body substances to be potentially infectious.
Protecting a _______________ patient from infection is the purpose of protective isolation. Compromised or Immunocompromised
Phlebotomists should _______________ in addition to changing gloves between every patient. Wash hands
PPE should be put on in the following order: Gown/Mask/Gloves
The type of isolation category that always requires a gown to be worn is _______________ isolation. Contact
A biologic hazard in the form of _______________ may be produced by centrifuging an uncapped specimen. Areosols
The _______________ should be informed immediately by the phlebotomist who receives an accidental needle stick. Supervisor
The phlebotomist should consult the _______________ manual prior to cleaning up a chemical spill. MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet
A phlebotomist who is pregnant should not collect specimens from a patient who is ______________. Radioactive/Radiology
A class ABC fire extinguisher contains: Dry chemicals
____________________ is the first thing to do when encountering a fire. R-Rescue (RACE)
The number one personal safety rule when using needles is to never _______________. Recap a needle manually
ANTIGEN Substance that stimulates the formation of antibodies.
CERTIFICATION Documentation assuring that an individual has met certain professional standards.
LIPEMIC Pertaining to turbidity from lipids.
CATALYST A substance that speeds the rate of a chemical reaction without being permanently altered in the reaction.
POSTEXPOSURE PROPHYLAXIS Preventative measures taken when a person is exposed to infectious disease.
ACCREDITATION Process by which a program or institution documents meeting established guidelines.
NOSOCOMIAL Infection acquired in the hospital.
ENZYME Protein capable of producing a chemical reaction with a specific substance (substrate)
PLASMA Liquid portion of blood.
BIOHAZARDOUS Pertaining to a hazard caused by infectious organisms.
ANTICOAGULANT Substance that prevents blood from clotting.
CONFIDENTIALITY Maintaining the privacy of information.
ICTERIC Appearing yellow.
BLOOD GROUP Classification based on the presence or absence of A or B antigens on the red blood cells.
PHLEBOTOMY Puncture or incision into a vein to obtain blood.
SERUM Clear yellow fluid that remains after clotted blood has been centrifuged and separated.
ANTIBODY Protein produced by exposure to an antigen.
STANDARD PRECAUTIONS Guidelines describing personnel protective practices.
HEMOLYSIS Destruction of red blood cells.
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