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Phlebo Procedures-05

Hwk Packets #5

Name three things that can affect the quality of neonatal bilirubin results. A. Exposure to light B. Collected at wrong time C. Hemolysis
Amber-colored Microtainer tubes are used to collect specimens for _______________. Bilirubin
A physician questions the low bilirubin result on a jaundiced baby. This discrepency may be do to exposing the specimen to _______________ The bili light/light
Decreased _______________ levels may be caused by the high red blood cell counts normally seen in newborns. Glucose
Newborns who appear jaundiced have increased _______________ levels. Bilirubin
A specimen was collected under the bili light. A bilirubin collected from a jaundiced infant in this case may have a _______________ result. Low/Normal
The acceptable amount of blood used to fill a filter paper circle for newborn screening tests is _______________. One drop
Collection of blood for newborn screening in a capillary pippette and transferring it to the filter paper circle is not recommended because _________________________. The pipette could scratch the filter paper
_______________ is used as the test method by the filter paper screening test for PKU. Bacterial growth
Most states require testing of newborns for _______________. PKU - Phenylketonuria
Specimens for newborn filter paper tests are collected from the _______________ of the _______________. Plantar area/Heel
Failure to wipe away the first drop of blood when collecting a neonatal filter paper screening test could cause a _______________ result. Low/False negative
A false-negative result can result from failure to _______________ the filter paper circle for a newborn screening test. Completely fill
What details are required in handling specimens for filter paper neonatal screening tests? A. Must air dry B. Should not be stacked C. Horizontal D. Room temperature E. Away from direct sun light
T or F - Both sides of the filter paper circle must be filled on a neonatal filter paper screening test. False
Name three tests for which blood smears are prepared. A. Differential blood count B. Special staining procedures C. Non-automated reticulocyte count **D. Malaria Smear
When preparing a blood smear, the correct angle of the spreader slide is _______________ to _______________. 30 to 40
Detecting presence of _______________ is the purpose of a thick malaria smear. Parasites/Plasmodium species
A suitable blood smear should have a smooth film of blood without ridges or holes and a lightly _______________ edge without streaks Feathered
Blood smears are labeled by writing in the frosted are or at the _______________ end. Thick
Blood smears are important for evaluating _______________. Blood cells/Blood cell morphology
Specimens collected by venipuncture that require preparation of a blood smear are collected in _______________ top tubes. Lavender/EDTA
Multiplication of parasites within red blood cells occurs in __________. Malaria
Detection and identification of parasites in red blood cells requires preparation of both _______________ and _______________ blood smears. Thick and Thin
When preparing a blood smear, the spreader is placed _______________ the drop of blood. In front of
The best quality of blood smear is obtained by pushing the spreader slide the _______________length of the smear. Complete/Full
When Preparing a blood smear, raising the angle of the spreader slide will ____________ the length and _______________ thickness of the smear. Decrease/Increase
Preparation of a blood smear using a slide that is not clean will result in ___________ in the smear. Holes
Pushing instead of pulling the blood with the spreader slide produces a blood smear that has _______________ in the feathered edge. Streaks
A patient is experiencing periodic symptoms of fever and chills. What procedure might be requested on this patient? Collection of thick and thin smears
When preparing a blood smear, lowering the angle of the spreader slide will __________ the thickness of the smear. Decrease
The Duke bleeding time method has been replaced with the template bleeding time because the template method is more _______________. Standardized
A bleeding time is performed to evaluate the function of the _______________. Platelets (Platelet Clotting)
The area used for performing a template bleeding time is the _______________ surface of the _______________. Volar/Forearm
Blood is removed from the bleeding time incision by _______________ with ____________. Wicking/Filter Paper
An incision is made _______________ to the _______________ when performing a bleeding time on an adult. Horizontal (Parallel)/Anticubital Crease
A bleeding time that continues for 15 minutes should be _______________. Discontinued
_______________ Hg is the pressure at which the blood pressure cuff should be maintained when performing a template bleeding time. 40mm
Disturbing the platelet plug when performing a bleeding time will _______________. Prolong or Lengthen
Pressing the puncture site every 30 seconds will cause falsely _______________ template bleeding time. Increased
A patient taking aspirin can cause a falsely _______________ bleeding time. Prolonged or Increased
T or F - Elevated bilirubin levels are seen in neonates with underdeveloped livers. True
T or F - The feathered edge of a blood smear should not be sued for microscopic examinations. False
What is the primary cause of falsely decreased neonatal bilirubins? Prolonged exposure to light
How will an infant with a falsely negative PKU test be affected? Severe mental retardation
PHENYLKETONURIA The presence of abnormal phenylalanine metabolites in the urine.
FEATHERED EDGE The area of a hematology blood smear where the microscopic examinantion is performed.
VOLAR Pertaining to the palm side of the forearm.
JAUNDICED Appearing yellow.
PLATELET PLUG The initial blockage of vascular puncture by platelets.
PHENYLALANINE A naturally occuring amino acid.
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