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LOM Ch 14 Review

Lymphatic and Immune System

Interferons antiviral proteins secreted by T cells
Macrophage large phagocyte found in lymph nodes
Hypersplenism syndrome marked by enlargement of the spleen
Anaphylaxis exaggerated hypersensitivity reaction to foreign protein or other substance
AIDS deficiency of the immune response because of the exposure to HIV
Cervical Nodes lymph nodes located in the neck region
Adenoids masses of lymphatic tissue in the nasopharynx
Immunoglobulins antibodies secreted by plasma cells
Mononucleosis acute, infectious disease characterized by large cervical lymph nodes and increased numbers of leukocytes
Hodgkin Disease malignant tumor of lymph tissue in the spleen and lymph nodes
Lymphoid derived from lymph tissue
Lymphadenopathy disease of lymph glands or nodes
Immunology study of protection
Lymphedema swelling of tissue due to accumulation of lymph fluid
Anaphylaxis exaggerated or unusual hypersensitivity to foreign protein or other substances
Hypersensitivity conditions in which the body reacts with exaggerated immune response
Humoral Immunity immune response involving B cell transformed into plasma cells and secretes antibodies
Cell-mediated Immunity immune response involving T cell lymphocytes, antigens are destroyed
Interstitial Fluid pertaing to fluid which lies between body cells
Suppressor Cells T cells that inhibit the activity of B cells
Killer Cell or T8 Cells T cells that engulf cells, tumor cells, and bacteria
Interferons antiviral proteins secreted by T cells
Interleukins activates immune responses and stimulates the growth of B & T cells
Splenectomy removal of the spleen
Lymphangiogram record of the lymph vessels
Opportunistic Infections infectious diseases associated with AIDS
Thymoma tumor of the thymus gland
Lymphopoiesis formation of lymph nodes
Thymus Gland organ composed of lymphocytes found in the mediastinum or chest
Spleen vascular organ that in a fetus stores blood, and in adults produces, stores, and eliminates blood cells
B Cells lymphocytes found in bone marrow
Lymphoma malignant tumor of the lymph nodes
Infectious Mononucleosis acute infectious disease in large lymph nodes and an increased number of lymphocytes
Sarcoidosis disease of abnormal growth of small nodules & tubercles in lymph nodes and other organs
Hodgkin Disease a disease characterized by malignant tumor of the lymph nodes, spleen, and lymph tissue
Which is NOT true about Hodgkin's disease disease of severe muscle weakness
Which is NOT true about mononucleosis closely resembles Hodgkin's disease
What are lymph nodes small knots of tissue formed along the course of lymphatic vessels
Tumor of a lymph node lymphadenoma
What is Hodgkin's disease a disease cgaracterized by malignant tumor of lymph node tissue
Which is NOT true about the spleen that it is essential for life
Which is NOT true about lymphatic system in general that lymph nodes contain eosinophils and basophils
Which is NOT an opportunistic infection with AIDS Kaposi sarcoma
What is the fluid transported by the lymphatic system lymph
Word pertaining to poison toxic
What is the virus that causes AIDS HIV
Lymphangiogram x-ray record after injecting dye into the lymph vessels
Lymphocytosis slight increase in the number of lymphocytes
What are the two lymph tissues in the throat adenoids and tonsils
What are two kinds of lymphokine are proteins produced by T cell lymphocytes interferons and interleukins
Which organ is in the mediastinum and processes T cell lymphocytes thymus gland
Give 2 answers that are cytotoxic cells T8 and T cell lymphocytes
Which is NOT true about the spleen becomes smaller with age
Which is true in cell-mediated immunity all of the above
Which is true about immunoglobulins all of the above
Which of the five statements is NOT true about the thymus gland the liver can take over its function
Which is NOT an area of lymph node concentration bone marrow
Which is NOT contained in lymph nodes erythrocytes
Which is NOT a part of the immune system platelets-they are part of clotting process
Which are true about interstitial fluids found in spaces between cells and become lymph when enters lymph capillaries
Which are true about Humoral immunity all of the above
Which are true about T cells all of the above
Created by: dlhbears
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