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HDCS Week 2

Indexes, Registers, and Health Data Collection

admission/discharge/transfer (ADT) system
admission register
aggregate data
arithmetic mean
automated case abstracting systems
automated MPI
average daily census
average length of stay
bar graph
batched case
case mix analysis
case report forms
comparative data
computer interface
continuous quality improvement (CQI)
daily census count
daily inpatient census
data accessibility
data accuracy
data analysis
data application
data collection
data comprehensiveness
data consistency
data currency
data definition
data dictionary
data granularity
data integrity
data mining
data precision
data relevancy
data reliability
data set
data timeliness
data validity
data warehousing
death register
descriptive statistics
discharge data statistics
discharge register
disease index
length of stay (LOS) data
line diagram
magnetic stripe card
manual case abstracting systems
manual master patient index
master patient index (MPI)
master person index (MPI)
National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS)
online analytical processing (OLAP) servers
patient-centric data
physician index
pie chart
procedure index
relational database
run chart
total length of stay
transformed-based data
vital statistics
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