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LOM CH-15 Review

Musculoskeletal System

Carpal pertaining to the wrist bone
Mandibular pertaining to the lower jaw bone
Osteotome Instrument to cut bone
Scapular pertaining to the shoulder bone
Submaxillary pertaining to below the upper jaw bone
Myocarditis inflammation of the heart muscle
Lieomyoma tumor of smooth muscle
Pelvimetry measurement of pelvic dimension
Calcaneal pertaining to the heel bone
Ankylosis condition of stiffness
Hydroarthrosis water (fluid) on a joint
Tendoplasty surgical repair of a tendon
Ligamentous pertaining to a ligament
Fibrositis inflammation of fibrous connective tissue
Flexion bending at a joint
Extension straightening out a flexed limb
Abduction movement away from the midline of the body
Adduction movement toward the midline of the body
Supination the act of turning the palm forward or up
Pronation the act of turning the palm backward or down
Rotation circular movement around a central point; circular movement on an axis
Dorsiflexion backward (upward) bending of the foot
Plantar Flexion bending the sole of the foot downward toward the ground
Fissure narrow, slit-like opening in or between bones
Sulcus groove-like depression in the bone surface
Condyle knuckle-like process at the end of a bone near the joint
Fossa furrow or cavity in a bone
Trochanter large process at the neck of the femur; attachment site for muscles and tendons
Sinus hollow air cavity within a bone
Foramen opening or passage in bones where blood vessels and nerves enter and leave
Which of the is NOT a pelvic bone ilium, ischium, and pubis are pelvic bones
Why are come ribs called floating ribs they are attached only at the posterior side
What is the meaning of calcanedynia pain in the heel
What is scoliosis lateral curvature of the spine
What is a compound fracture part of a broken bone protrudes through the skin
What is restoration of broken bone to normal position without surgical incision called closed reduction
What is ankylosing spondylitis rheumatoid arthritis of the spine
What is ulnoradial the two separate bones of the lower arm (forearm)
What is a partial fracture that breaks on one side and bends on the other called greenstick fracture
Pain in lower back lumbodynia
Pertaining to cartilage and the ribs chondrocostal
Pertaining to the elbow olecranal
Pertaining to the ribs and vertebrae costovertebral
Lack of nourishment or wasting away atrophy
Muscle weakness myasthenia
Pain in a muscle myalgia
Inflammation of a muscle myositis
Tumor of skeletal or striated muscle rhabdomyoma
Formation of cartilage chondroplasia, chondrogenesis, chondropoiesis
Immature bone cell osteoblast
Softening of cartilage chondromalacia
Pertaining to the sacrum and ilium sacroiliac
Formation of bone marrow myelopoiesis
Medical term for "humpback" kyphosis
Pertaining to the tailbone coccygeal
Lack of cartilage formation achondroplasia
Excessive calcium in the blood hypercalcemia
Inflammation of a tendon and synovial membrane tenosynovitis
Abnormal condition of the vertebrae spondylosis
Rounded projection on skull behind the ear mastoid process
Process on medial lower arm, extends behind elbow joint olecranon
Process of bone formation ossification
Air cavity within a bone sinus
Voluntary or skeletal muscle striated muscle
Involuntary muscle in viscera and blood vessels smooth muscle
Connective tissues that binds muscle to bone tendon
Found in diaphysis of long bones composed of fatty tissue yellow bone marrow
First seven pairs of ribs are called true ribs
Found in porous, cancellous tissue of bone; site of hematopoiesis red bone marrow
Area where two or more bones connect joint
Connective tissue that binds bone to bone ligament
Opening in bone for passage of blood vessels and nerves foramen
Canals filled with blood vessels in compact bone haversian canals
Cartilage tissue between vertebrae to absorb shock and provide flexibility intervertebral cartilaginous discs
Shaft, or mid-portion, of a long bone diaphysis
Hard dense tissue, also called cortical bone compact bone
Porous bone tissue in mid-portion of bones cancellous bone
Outward extension of shoulder blade forming point of shoulder acromion
Each end of a lond bone epiphysis
Mineral substance necessary for formation of bony tissue calcium
Bone cell that absorbs and removes unwanted bony tissue osteoclast
Sacs of fluid near a joint; which are cushions; promotes smooth sliding of one tissue against another bursae
Medical word for "clubfoot" talipes
Trauma to a joint with pain, swelling, and injury to a ligament sprain
Backward (upward) bending of the foot dorsiflexion
Movement away from the midline of the body abduction
Visual examination of the inside of a joint with an endoscope and television camera arthroscopy
Bone softening disease in children caused by Vitamin D deficiency rickets
Surgical puncture procedure to remove fluid from the joint space arthrocentesis
Chronic inflammatory disease of joints rheumatoid arthritis
Accumulation of uric acid in jointsd and soft tissue gouty arthritis
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