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S.S. Review

Reviews many concepts in 6th grade Social Studies curriculumn

vocab worddefinition
latitude (blank)
latitude lines that circle the globe east-west.
democracy type of government where people vote for leaders
landform anything on the earth such as mountains, rivers, hills and deserts
peninsula an area of land nearly surrounded by water, usually 3 sides
geography the study of the earth and its features
prehistory time before writing was invented
cuneiform early form of writing made up of lines and wedge-shaped sybmols
history time recorded events
surplus when there is more of what is needed or required of an item
longitude lines that circle the globe north-south
artisan a person who specializes in one type of work or trade
resource things found in the environment that are useful for everydeay living
vassal a person who promises to be loyal to a lord in exchange for protection
mummy a perserved corpse in ancient Egypt
pharaoh an absolute ruler of ancient Egypt
immortal when someone never dies and the soul lives on forever
inflation when money is worth less than its value
mercenary a soldier who works only for pay
feudalism a policital system in medieval times
guild an association of people who have the same trade
chivalry when a knight shows helpful qualities
afterlife a life or existance believed to follow death
social pyramid a pyramid that defined social classes
specialization when people are able to do different jobs in the new stone age
domestication the training of wild animals for labor
ziggurat a temple to the gods found in mesopotamia
barter the act of trading without the use of money
city-state a city with its own government,, religion and laws
climate the weather experienced over a long period of time
polytheism the belief in many gods
pyramids a temple to the gods in ancient Egypt
legacy artifacts or stories passed down from generation to generation
culture the shared customs, values, and beliefs of a group of people
nomad a person who has no single settled home
hieroglyphs picture writing found in ancient Egypt
monotheism belief in one god
Hammurabi king of ancient Babylon; responsible for the first code of law
Menes a king in ancient Egypt who was responsible for uniting upper and lower Egypt
Nile river a river found in ancient Egypt that flooded yearly
silt rich soil good for farming
dynasty a series of rulers who are from the same family
scribe a trained reader or writer in ancient times
papyrus paper grown from reeds in the Nile Delta
dictator a ruler who has absolute power
irrigation a system of canals, ditches, or pipes used to transport water
monarchy a type of government run by a king or queen
government the established form of rule in a place
Tigris and Euphrates 2 rivers found in Mesopotamia
basic needs things necessary to survive, food, shelter, clothing
plebeian common people in ancient Greece
3 factors that affect climate latitude, currents, and altitude
rivers where early people settled because of the ideal resources it provides
patricians wealthy people in ancient Greece
renewable resources resources that can be made or grown again
ice-man a man studied to learn more about the past
old stone age a period of time where people mainly hunted and gathered
nonrenewable resources resources, once used up, are gone forever
reincarnation coming back to life, mainly believed in Buddhism and Hindusim
new stone age a period of time where people began to farm and stay in one place (fire invented)
Created by: heulwen16