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med terminology .1

med terminology PREFIX ROOT SUFFIX

aden/o gland
carcin/o cancer
cardi/o heart
chem/o chemical
cis/o to cut
dermat/o skin
enter/o small intestine
gastr/o stomach
gynec/o female
hemat/o blood
hydr/o water
immun/o immune
laryng/o voice box
morph/o shape
nephr/o kidney
neur/o nerve
opthalm/o eye
ot/o ear
path/o disease
pulmon/o lung
rhin/o nose
ur/o urine
a- without/away from
an- without
ante- before
anti- against
auto- self
brady- slow
dys- painful
endo- within
epi- over
eu- normal
hetero- different
homo- different
hyper- over
hypo- below
infra- under
inter- among
intra- within
macro- large
micro- small
neo- new
pan- all
para- beside
per- through
peri- around
post- after
pre- before
pseudo- false
retro- backward
sub- below
super- above
supra- above
tachy- rapid
trans- through
ultra- beyond
bi- two
hemi- half
mono- one
multi- many
nulli- none
poly- many
quad- four
semi- partial
tri- three
uni- one
-algia pain
-cele hernia/protrusion
-cise cut
-cyte cell
-dynia pain
-ectasis dilation
-gen that which produces
-genesis produces
-genic producing
-ia state/condition
-iasis abnormal condtion
-ism state of
-itis inflammation
-logist one who studies
-logy the study of
-lysis destruction
-malacia abnormal softening
-melagy enlargement
-oma tumor
-osis abnormal condition
-pathy disease
-plasia development
-ptosis drooping
-rrhage excessive, abnormal flow
-rrhea discharge
-rrhexis rupture
-sclerosis hardening
-stenosis narrowing
-therapy treatement
-trophy nourishment
-ac, -al, -an, -ar, -ary, -eal, -iac, -ic, -ical, -ile, -ior, -ory, -ose, -ous, -tic pertaining to (adjective suffixes)
-centesis puncture to withdraw fluid
-ectomy surgical removal
-ostomy surgically create an opening
-otomy cutting into
-pexy surgical fixation
-plasty surgical repair
-rrhaphy suture
-gram record/picture
-graph recording
-graphy process of recording
-meter instrument for measuring
-metry process of measuring
-scope instrument for viewing
-scopy process of visually examining
Endings: -a singular: a plural: ae
Endings: -ax singular: ax plural: ces
Endings: -ex or -ix singular: ex or ix plural: ces
Endings: -is singular: is plural: ses
Endings: -ma singular: ma plural: mata
Endings: -nx singular: nx plural: ges
Endings: -on singular: on plural: ia
Endnigs: -us singular: us plura: i
Endings: -um singular: um plural: a
Endings: -y singular: y plural: ies
The medical record: History & Physical written by doctor, indicates history, diagnosis and initial treatment plan
The medical record: Physician's Orders complete list of care, tests, etc for patient
The medical record: Nurse's Notes record of patient care/condition throughout the day
The medical record: Physician's Progress Notes daily summary of condition/examination by doctor
The medical record: Consultation Reports made by specialists that the doctor has requested for the patient
The medical record: Ancillary Reports reports from treatment and therapies the patient has received
The medical record: Diagnostic Reports results of tests preformed on patients
The medical record: Informed Consent patient voluntarily signs agreeing to the risks/benefits of a procedure
The medical record: Operative Report report from the operative surgeon
The medical record: Anesthesiologist's Report what drugs were administered/reactions the patient may have had
The medical record: Pathologist's Report results of biopsied tissue samples
The medical record: Discharge Summary comprehensive outline of the patient's entire stay
Healthcare settings: Accute Care/General Hospitals diagnose, treat and provide emergency care
Healthcare settings: Specialty Care Hospitals treat very specific types of disorders/diseases
Healthcare settings: Nursing Homes provide long term care for people who can't take care of themselves
Healthcare settings: Ambulatory Care for patients who don't require overnight services
Healthcare settings: Physician's Office provide diagnostic and treatment in a private setting
Healthcare settings: HMO wide range of services by a group of primary-care physicians etc in a prepaid care system
Healthcare settings: Home Health Care provides services for patient in their own house
Healthcare settings: Rehabilitation Centers include in/outpatient treatment; intense physical and occupational therapy
Healthcare settings: Hospice provides services for the terminally ill
Created by: sazzduhnuh
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