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mod a - hospital departments

anesthesiology administers both local and general drugs to obtain a complete or partial loss of feeling during an invasive procedure such as surgery
clinical laboratory performs a variety of tests on blood, tissues and other body specimens; obtains, processes, preserves, studies and analyzes specimens, maintains a database of results
coronary care unit or cardiac care unit treats and provides care for seriously ill heart patients
diagnostic imaging performs x-ray related procedures including MRI's, CAT scans
ER provides immediate treatment for seriously ill and injured patients with medical emergencies
infection control identifies, controls and educates about infectious diseases
ICU treats and provides care for seriously ill and injured patients.
internal medicine diagnoses and treats patients with general medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke
labor and delivery treats women during the birth process; separate from the nursery and postpartum area
nuclear medicine `uses radioactive isotopes in the diagnosis and treatment of disease
nursing services provides direct care to ill and injured patients including administering medications
OB cares for mother and newborn throughout the birth process-labor, delivery, postpartum, and nursery
occupational therapy uses techniques to assist mentally and physically disabled or challenged patients to return to activities of daily living
oncology provides care and treatment of cancer patients
outpatient (OP) cares for patients who are not hoispitalized
pediatrics treats and provides health care for infants and children
pharmacy prepares and dispenses patient medications
physical therapy (PT) provides treatments and therapies to correct disabilities and restoe mobility
pulmonary medicine diagnoses and treats respiratory disorders
psychiatry diagnoses and treats emotional disorders
radiation therapy uses radioactive substances for the diagnosis and treatment of disease
radiology uses radioactive substances and visualization (x-ray) techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of disease
respiratory therapy (RT) treats pulmonary disorders and diseases
social service assists patients in referrals to other care facilities
surgery diagnoses and treats patients using an invasive surgical procedure
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