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Patient to Payment

Chapter 9 Review

When patient is covered by both Medicare and Medicaid, what is it called when Medicare sends bill over to Medicaid after they pay their portion Crossover claim
When would Medicare pay/cover an excluded service Never
What do we have patient sign when we think a procedure might not be covered by Medicare Advance Beneficiary Notice Form (ABN)
What part of Medicare covers prescriptions Medicare Part D
What type of physician agrees to accept assignment and Medicare fee schedule Participating
If a patient also has employee group insurance then Medicare is what insurance secondary
On original Medicare what is the patients responsibility after premium and deductible are paid twenty percent
What is the limiting charge for a NonPar provider one hundred and fifteen percent
What is the name of the insurance that supplements Medicare Medigap
If a patient over sixty-five does not receive social security benefits, what must they do to receive Medicare Part A Pay a premium
If a patient is sixty-five and does receive social security benefits what part of Medicare are they automatically enrolled in and what part are they eligible for Part A Part B
For Medicare what are the companies called that process claims for Part A and for Part B ficscal intermediaries carriers
What is crossover claims primary insurance pays their portion then sends bill to secondary insurance
What does MSN mean Medicare Summary Notice (sent to patient)
Medicare and Medicaid claims are sent by whom when you have both provider to Medicare and Medicare to Medicaid
Created by: dlhbears