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BI 501-Bible Survey4

Fourth Stack for Bible Survey Class

Rome capital & administrative center of Roman Empire. Lots of people would go here for work. Uncommon law & order was established in the early years of Rome – up until the first five years of Nero’s reign. Center of slave trade.
Macedonia home of Philip of Macedon and Alexander the Great (his son). Under Roman rule in NT times.
Thessalonica Relatively new city established by Philip of Macedon. Also called Therma b/c of its thermal baths.
Philippi Gold mined here, leading to a gold rush. A lot of the land given to Roman soldiers. Judaism not fully accepted by time of Acts since Jews were meeting outside the town.
Corinth Port town since boats were transported across land from one body of water to another. Religious melting pot and area of great debauchery. Ancient city with its own base of trade. Freshly rebuilt by Roman Empire in NT times – one of world's most beautiful.
Ephesis large port city (port was exceptionally good); commercial & religious center; land reclamation project; city dedicated to Airtimes; refused Roman support out of city pride. Paul spent (possibly) three years here, having rented a lecture hall.
Asia Minor modern day Turkey; Paul spent lots of time in this region – he was from here; made up of many small provinces.
Colossee not a large city, but important b/c of the church there; still a Roman free city from earlier times; probably another center of religious diversity
Created by: jkcarte
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