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BI 501-Bible Survey3

Third Stack for Bible Survey Class

Genre Outline of NT 1) Gospels 2) Acts 3) Letters 4) Apocalypse
Language of NT "Koine" Greek (w/ a little Aramaic & Latin)
Sea of Galilee Also known as the “harp” b/c it looks like a harp; also called Sea of Tiberius and Gennesaret; most of Jesus’ ministry done around here; cliffs on east side.
Jordan River about 65 miles long; not too wide or deep (little river), but can swell during rainy seasons.
Dead (Salt) Sea Arabs call ‘sea of Lot’ b/c Lot settled there; lowest place on earth; people w/ skin conditions bath there b/c it will burn out skin problem; Jewish Zealots lived in caves around Dead Sea.
Jericho Jesus has contact w/ several people in and around Jericho.
Jerusalem Capital city in NT times; center of religion and rule; located b/t two valleys
Bethlehem “house of bread;” almost connected to Jerusalem b/c of sprawl; hometown of David & Jesus
Sychar Jesus spoke to woman at well here; first Samaritan followers of Jesus came from this town.
Samaria capital city of region of Samaria; rebuilt in Greek times; Simon the sorcerer story took place here.
Joppa Only decent port city in the area; present day Tel Aviv.
Damascus Saul was converted here
Tyre Palestinian trading city that resisted conquest for a long time; Jesus healed Canaanite’s daughter here.
Caesarea Herod built this city up as an administrative center for all of Palestine; thus, Paul was taken there when he appealed to Caesar; Herod gave speech here b/f being eaten by worms.
Cana means ‘reed;’ sort of a backwater town; Jesus at wedding feast here; Nathaniel born here.
Tiberius Named after a Caesar; almost all Gentiles lived here
Capernaum Roman military outpost; huge central city in the ministry of Jesus; lots of miracles took place here; home of Peter and Andrew.
Nazareth town where Jesus grew up
Caesarea Philippi administrative center for northern district; sort of like a mountain retreat area; temple to Pan; city inherited by Philip (Herod’s Son); northern most inland point in Jesus’ ministry.
Mediterranean (Great) Sea Hebrews didn’t like the sea, so this was a scary place.
Sidon ancient Phoenician city that was independent and rebellious against ruling powers; Persians burned 40K Sidonians alive.
Bethsaida means ‘house of the fisher;’ Jesus fed 5000 here; Philip probably came from here.
12 Apostles 1) Simon Peter 2) Andrew 3) James 4) John 5) Philip 6) Bartholomew (Nathanael) 7) Matthew (Levi) 8) Thomas (Didymus) 9) James (son of Alpheus) 10) Thaddeus (Judas) 11) Simon the Zealot 12) Judas Iscariot
Pharisees system of synagogues, not with temple- religious zealots- highly favored- meticulous with law
Sadducees rich, aristocratic, priests that ran the temple- only accept Torah- money changers
Essenes separatist cult- Dead Sea Scrolls- thought that the temple was corrupt so went into isolation to wait until everyone was dead and then they could return and continue temple worship the right way; purity washings
Zealots violent bringers- fought against anyone who was not Jewish
1st Year of Jesus' Ministry 1) Baptism 2) Temptation 3) Redeems Israel by crossing over Jordan into promised land after being tempted in wilderness
2nd Year of Jesus' Ministry 1) Calls Apostles 2) Parables / popular sermons (mount, plain) 3) Sought after teacher (very popular)
3rd Year of Jesus' Ministry 1) Much more opposition 2) Feeds 5000 3) Walks on water 4) Raises Lazarus from dead
Passion Week 1) Enters Jerusalem 2) Cleanses Temple 3) Last Supper 4) Betrayal 5) Crucifixion 6) Resurrection
Structure of Matthew 5 sections w/ narrative & discourse in each, then passion narrative: 1) Announcing Kingdom (3-7); 2) Extending Kingdom (8-10) 3) Teaching & Preaching Kingdom (11-13); 4) Humility & Exaltation (14-18); 5) Opposition & Eschatology (19-25)
Great Commission in which Gospel? Matthew
Extra detail about demoniac Mark
Detailed account of death of John the baptist Mark
Pharisees in habit of ritual hand washing Mark
Bartameus Blind man healed in Mark
Most attention to passion week Mark
Man runs away from soldiers and is naked Mark
Focuses on cost of discipleship Mark
Only non-Jewish NT writer Luke
Birth of John the Baptist Luke
Boy Jesus in Temple Luke
Includes Gentiles and Women in stories Luke
Most Parables Luke
Good Samaritan Luke
Mary & Martha Story Luke
Them of preference to poor Luke
Theme of lost things Luke
10 Parables 1) Good Samaritan 2) Rich Fool 3) Lost Coin 4) Lost Sheep 5) Prodigal Son 6) Shrewd Manager 7) Rich Man & Lazarus 8) Ten Lepers 9) Persistent Widow 10) Pharisee & Tax Collector
10 Miracles 1) Water to wine 2) Healing demoniac 3) Raising Lazarus 4) Healing Nobleman's Son 5) Paralytic at pool of Bethesda 6) Feed 5000 7) Feed 4000 8) Walk on Water 9) Heal man born blind 10) Healing woman with bleeding
Historical Detail Luke
Why did Jews come after Jesus in John? Raising of Lazarus (last miracle in John)
"I am" sayings In John: 1) Bread of life 2) Light of the world 3)door 4) good shepherd 5) resurrection and life 6) the way 7) the vine
Signs In John: 1) Water to wine 2) Healing Nobleman't son 3) Paralytic at the pool of Bethesda 4) Feeds 5000 5) Walks on water 6) Heals man born blind 7) Raises Lazarus from the dead
Answers to Jesus' identity In John: 1) Word of God 2) Lamb of God 3) Messiah 4) Son of God 5) King of Israel 6) Savior of world 7) My Lord, My God
Story of Nicodemus John
Woman caught in Adultery John
heals man born blind- washes his eyes so he can see John
Washing of Disciples' feet John
High Priestly Prayer John
Upper Room discourse John
Long dialogue with Pilate John
Outline of Acts Acts of Peter >> Acts of PaulJerusalem >> Judea >> Samaria >> Ends of Earth
Judas' replacement Matthias
"if it’s a cult then it will die out and then if not then it is really of God and you cannot beat it" Gamaliel
had Apostles imprisoned and then let them go early in Acts Ananias and Caiaphas
Sold field and gave proceeds to Apostles Barnabas (Joseph)
Lied to Church about amount given Ananias and Saphira
Why Deacons originally chosen? Grecian Jews neglected (7 deacons)
Tried to buy religious power from Apostles Simon the Sorcerer
Man who prays and cares for Paul after Paul's conversion Ananias
First Gentile convert Cornelius (and his house)... he was a God-fearer... Samaratians have already been converted
First church mixture of Jews and Gentiles Church at Antioch
Predicted a famine in Acts Agabus... this famine brought Jews and Gentiles together
Servant girl who answered door when Peter was released Rhoda
Eaten by worms Herod Agrippa I
1st stop on 1st missionary journey Cyprus... this is Barnabus' hometown
2nd stop on 1st missionary journey Asia Minor... this is Paul's home territory... John Mark dropped out after Cyprus (didn't go to Asia Minor)
Important church for sending missionaries Antioch
Delivered letter to Gentile churches after Jerusalem Council Barrnibus & Silas
Missionary team that went to new territory Paul, Timothy, Silas
2nd Missionary Journey location Macedonia, Achaia, Greece
Proconsul who said if Apostles haven’t disrupted peace then there is no problem Gallio
Prophesied against Paul by tying himself up w/ Paul's belt Agabus
Silversmith who made silver gods and he thought he would be out of a job- he said that Paul would kill Ephesian tourism and they rioted Dimetrius
fell asleep and fell out a window and died- Death does not excuse you form hearing Paul teach so Paul raised him and brought him back inside and finished his sermon Eutychus
Paul spent 2 Years here in gentle imprisonment Caesarea
Governer in Caesarea who liked to listen to Paul, thinking he would get a bribe Felix
Felix's successor Festus
Jew who plotted to kill Paul Claudius Lysias
Island of Paul's shipwreck Malta
Created by: jkcarte
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