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BI 501-Bible Survey1

First Stack for Bible Survey class

Judges 1) Othniel 2) Ehud 3) Deborah 4) Gideon 5) Jephthah 6) Samson
Plagues 10 Plagues 1) Blood 2) Frogs 3) Gnats 4) Flies 5) Livestock 6) Boils 7) Hail 8) Locusts 9) Darkness 10) First Born
10 Commandments 10 Commandments 1) No other gods 2) No idols 3) Lord’s name 4) Sabbath 5) Hon. Father/Mother 6) Murder 7) Adultery 8) Steal 9) Lie 10) Covet
Days of Creation Days of Creation 1) Day/Night 2) Sky/Ocean 3) Land/Plants 4) Sun, Moon, Stars 5) Birds, Sea Life 6) Beasts man/woman
Sacrifices 5 Sacrifices 1) Sin Offering 2) Guilt Offering 3) Burnt Offering 4) Grain Offering 5) Fellowship Offering
Leah's Children 1) Reuben 2) Simeon 3) Levi 4) Judah 5) Issachar 6) Zebulun
Rachael's Children 1) Joseph 2) Benjamin
Bilhah's Children 1) Dan 2) Naphtali
Zilpah's Children 1) Gad 2) Asher
Noah's Sons 1) Shem 2) Ham (Bad) 3) Japheth
Geneology of Abram 1) Terah 2) Abraham – Sarai 3) Ishmael (Hagar) 4) Isaac (Sarai) –Rebekah 5) Jacob, Esau 6) Joseph 7) Manasseh, Ephraim
Abraham's Brother Nahor
Nations Descended from Lot 1) Moabites (from older daughter) 2) Ammonites (from younger daughter)
Hebrew Midwives 1) Shiphrah 2) Puah
Moses flees Egypt 1) flees to Midian 2) Marries a Midianite woman named Zipporah 3) has son Gershom
“Love God with all your…and love your neighbor as you love yourself” Leviticus
Swallowed by earth after rising against Moses Korah
"... a septor out of Isreal" Numbers
Characteristics of faithful king Deuteronomy 17
Moses’ words in new prophet’s mouth…” Deuteronomy 18
When do we meet Joshua? a battle against the Amalikites-Aaron holds up one hand and Hur holds up the other, every time Moses hands fall Joshua starts losing and when they hold up Moses hands Joshua begins winning again- Joshua is carrying out the battle but Moses is in charge
Who took items from Jerrico? Achan
Which Canaanite tribe tricked Israel into thinking they wern't Canaanonites? Gibbionites
Cycle in Judges 1) Prosperity 2) Apostasy 3) Crisis 4) Cry Out 5) Restore to Prosperity
Samson's Parents Manoah & wife (name unknown)
Naomi's Husband and Sons 1) Elimelech 2) Mahlon 3) Kilion
Samuel's Parents Elkanah & Hannah
Eli's Sons Hophni & Phinehas
Philistine Cities 1) Gath 2) Gaza 3) Ekron 4) Ashdod 5) Ashkelon
“They haven’t rejected you, but they have rejected me.” 1 Samuel
“It is better to obey than to sacrifice.” 1 Samuel
Commander of Saul's Army Abner
Saul's Father Kish
Whom did Saul failed to kill? Agag, king of Amalekites
Saul's son who challenges David's kingship Ish-Bosheth
David's Commander Joab
Jonathan's crippled son Mephibosheth
Man who reached out to catch arc Uzzah
Prophet who told David he wouldn't build temple Nathan
Mephibosheth's servant Ziba
Rape among David's children Amnon and Tamar
Man who threw stones at David Shimei
Shunammite woman they got to lay with David to keep him warm Abishag
David's son who challenged Solomon's kingship Adonijah
Assyrian Exile 722 B.C.
Babylonian Exile 597 & 586 B.C. (returned 538 B.C.)
King who sent Ezra to rebuild Jerusalem Cyrus
Governer under Ezra Zerrubbabel
High Priest under Ezra Joshua
King who stopped Ezra's work Xerxes
“The silver is mine, the gold is mine” Ezra
King who re-started rebuilding of Jerusalem Darius
King who started rebuilding of Temple Artaxerxes
Artaxerxes' cupbearer Nehemiah
People who mocked Nehemiah Sanballat, Tobiah, Gesham the Arab
“Remember the LORD and don’t be afraid” Nehemiah
When was Temple rebuilt? 415 B.C.
Names for God 1) El 2) Elohim 3) Yahweh 4) Adonai 5) Jehovah
Types of Bible translations 1) Formal 2) Dynamic
Old Testament Themes 1) Covenant 2) King 3) Mediator 4) Sin/Grace 5) God's Dwelling 6) Faith 7) Conflict 8) Election 9) Holy 10) Atonement
Hebrew Bible divisions 1) Law (Torah) 2) Writings (Nebiim) 3) Prophets (Kethubim)
“Love your neighbor as yourself” Leviticus
"The LORD bless you and keep you" Numbers
Tribe in Jerusulam before Israel Jebusites
Created by: jkcarte