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ECG Machine Quiz

Define electrocardiogram - Printed record of the electrical activity of the heart
Define electrocardigraph - Machine that makes the recording
What supplies the electrical power to the machine? Power cable
What voltage does the ECG machine operate at? 110 - 120 Volts
What size cycle outlet does the ECG machine operate at? 60 cycle outlet
What is suspended in a magnetic field and fluctuates when current passes through the feild? Galvanometer String
What is the name of the writing arm of the machine? Stylus
What two principles does the stylus work on? 1. Under heat - 2. Pressure
What carries currect from the patient to the machine? Patient cable
Where is the pt cable grounded? On both ends
What are the extensions called that pick up current from the pt and carry it to the pt cable? Lead wires
What is the minimum # used? 4 limb & 1 chest
What are the normal number of lead wires? 4 limb & 6 chest
What is used to select the lead required? Lead selector
What are the major positions for the lead selector? I, II, III, AVR, AVF, AVL, V1 - V6
What controls how fast the paper is moving past the stylus? Paper speed
What are the most common paper speeds used? 25 mm & 50 mm
The ECG machine is standardized according to what? Time & Voltage
What size deflection would 1 mv of currect cause? 10 mm
Created by: ct program