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Med Terms IV CMA

Clinical Medical Assistant Med Terms IV Muscular System

MY/O, MYOS/O Muscles
FASCI/O Fascia (membrane supporting muscles)
TEN/O, TEND/O, TENDIN/O Tendons -Attaches Muscles to bones
-CELE hernia, swelling
FIBR/O fibrous connective tissue
-IA condition, state of
KINESI/O movement, motion
-RRHEXIS rupture
TAX/O coordination
LATERALIS toward the side
OBLIQUE slanted at an angle
RECTUS straight
SPHINCTER ring- like
TRANSVERSE cross-wise
MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY cause muscleweakness without affecting the nervous system.
HERNIA protrusion of a part through the tissues normally containing it
SARCOPENIA age-related reduction in skeletal muscle mass
POLYMYOSITIS inflammation of several skeletal muscles atthe same time
Myositis inflammation of a skeletal muscle
Myosclerosis abnormal hardening of muscle tissue
Myorrhexls the rupture of a muscle
Myomalacia abnormal softening of muscle tissue
Myolysis degeneration of muscle tissue
-PENIA deficiency
SARE/O flesh
Myalgia muscle tenderness or pain
Atrophy weakness or wearing away of body tissues and structures
ADHESION a band of fibrous tissue that holds structures together abnormally
Tendonitis an inflammation of the tendons caused by excessive or unusual use of the joint
Tenodynia pain in a tendon
Fasciitis inflammation of a fascia
Contraction tightening of a muscle
Relaxation occurs when a muscle returns to its original form
Muscle tone/ TONUS the normal state of balanced muscletension
Myocardial muscle/cardiac muscle forms themuscular wall of the heart
myocardium the contraction and relaxation of this musclethat causes the heartbeat.
-UM a noun ending
Skeletal muscles attached to the bones of the skeleton, make body motions possible
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