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Fish and Shellfish

Chapter 18 in "On Cooking"

Whole or Round as caught or intact
Drawn Viscera (internal organs) are removed
Dressed viscera, gills, fins and scales are removed
Pan-Dressed viscera and gills are removed, scaled and fins and tail are removed, the head is also removed too
butterflied pan-dressed fish, boned and opened flat, the two sides should remain attached
fillet the side of a fish removed intact, boneless or semiboneless, with or without skin
steak a cross-section slice with a small section of backbone attached; usually prepared from large round fish such as salmon, swordfish and tuna
wheel or center cut used for swordfish and sharks, which are cut into large boneless pieces from which steaks are cut
loin a quarter of a wheel
Round fish vertical swimmers with eyes on both sides
Flatfish bottom dwellers with eyes on the top of their heads
number of fillets from a round fish two
number of fillets from a round fish three
mollusks shellfish with soft unsegmented bodies and no internal skeleton
univalves mollusks with one shell
bivalves mollusks with two shells
cephalopods mollusks with a thin internal shell called a pen or cuttlebone
crustaceans shellfish with hard outer skeletons or shells with jointed appendages
the flesh of fish and shellfish water, protein, fat and minerals
Created by: tanaya.hutson