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ch 18 & 19 chum test

parshah Vayirah - pasuk 18 & 19

what is bothering rashi on the words "vira elav" (pasuk aleph)? why did hashem appear to avraham?
how many days after the circumcisio did hashem visit abe? 3 days
provide proof from rashi in pasuk aleph that the torah gives credit to a person just for giving good advice? if you gave good advice then you will get a place in your name. Mommrai told abe to go through with the bris. Abe did it. "Balni mmra" was named after him.
why did h' create a very hot sunny day? so the guests won't come by and bother abe bc he is healing from the bris.
to whom is abe talking to in pasuk gimmel? a. hashem (his master) b. the angels (plural which is referring to them.)
Facts about the angels a. abe invited 3 into his tent b. he thought they were men c. they can perform only one task at a time.
tasks of each angle a. gavriel - strength - to destroy sadom b. Michael - who is like god - telling sarah that she will have a baby c. Raphael - healing - he went to heal abe and save lot
why does abe give the calf to his son yishmael to prepare for the guests? what lesson can a parent learn from abe? (rashi in pasuk zyn)? he gives yishmael the calf to practice his mitzvot/commandments b4 his bar mitzvah. A parent could learn to start giving their children mitzvot/commandments to do to help prepare them for their bar mitz and life.
what does abe do when hashem tells him to destroy sodom? he starts to pray, to save sodom.
how close is hashem to you? as close as you are to hashem, he is that close to you.
how can a person "change" hashem's will through tefilah? you may not necessarily change his will, but you will become closer to hashem which is the most important part of tefilah.
what can we learn from abe's tefilah that it is preceded with the word vayigash? we learn that by abe approaching h', we are bringing ourselves close to him and we learn that even though abe doesn't get his prayer answered, it may help with your next prayer.
how many angels came to the city of sodom? 2
when the ppl of sodom tried to enter lot's home, what were the ppl of sodom smitten with? blindness bc measure for measure - just as they didn't open their door for anyone, now they can't see the door.
did lot try convincing anyone to come with him n leave the city? he tryed to convince his son in laws and laughed in his face and didn't go.
which pppl survived the destrcution of sodom? lot, and his 2 daughters
was lot able to save his wealth? no bc he ran out of time.
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