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ECG Glossary Quiz 5

ECG Glossary Quiz 5 P - T

A drug used to treat abnormal rhythms of the heart Quinidine
Backward flow of blood through a defective valve Regurgitation
A disease which may follow a few weeks after a streptococcal infection Rheumatic Fever
Damage done to the heart, particularly the heart valves, by one or more attachs of rheumatic fever Rheumatic Heart disease
A small mass of specialized cells in the right upper chamber of the heart which gives rise to the electrical impulses that initiate contractions of the heart S - A Node
Hardening, usually due to an accumulation of fibrous tissue Sclerosis
An elevated blood pressure caused by certain specific diseases or infections Secondary Hypertension
Cup-shaped valves. The aortic valve at the entrance to the aorta, and the pulmonary valve at the entrance to the pulmonary artery Semilunar valves
A dividing wall Septum
A passage between two blood vessels or between two sides of the heart Shunt
Sudden attacks of unconsciousness, sometimes with convulsions, which may accompany heart block Stokes-Adams Syndrome
Amount of blood which is pumped out of the heart at each contraction of the heart Stroke volume
To faint Syncope
Circulation of the blood through all parts of the body except the lungs Systemic circulation
The period of contraction of the heart Systole
Abnormally fast heart rate Tachycardia
A congenital malformation of the heart involving four distinct defects Tetralogy of fallot
The formation or presence of a blood clot Thrombosis
Condition caused by poisonous substances in the blod Toxemia
A valve located between the upper and lower chamber in the right side of the heart Tricuspid valve
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