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China Vocabulary

Silk Road *a long trade route from China to the Roman Empire where middlemen traded goods *Began during Han Dynasty
analects *Rules set by Confucius for moral living
Confucius *Moral leader 551 BC-479 BC in ancient China. Tried to help people of China become morally better
Confucianism *a belief system to help people of China become more virtuous-a sense of humanity, respect for the family, and humility, or modesty
Daoism *a belief system *did not focus on order like Confucius *people should live in harmony, with nature, not apart from it
Mandate of Heaven *Rulers were thought be chosen from God, "son of heaven", could be pushed off throne if bad ruler
middleman *someone who buys goods from a producer and re-sells to the buyer
oracle bones *Emperors used these to predict the future
nobility *One of the highest social classes in China
pictograph *Picture words
Great Wall *Shi Huang Di began during Quin Dynasty *a man made wall used for protection in Ancient China
province *political divisions similar to states
Bronze Age *Shang dynasty period during which tools, weapons and cups were made of bronze. It is copper and tin melted together
Book of Documents *Zhou dynasty text that Confucius interpreted to guide people
loess *Fertile soil used for farming, like silt.
terraces *layers of earth built into the hillside to grow crops
levee or dike *A man made wall to hold back water
double cropping *A system of farming where two crops are grown on the same land at different times of the year. It might include rice and vegetable, or rice and sugar cane.
ancestor *A relative who lived longer ago than a grandparent.
civil service *A system which began during the Han Dynasty. An exam needed to be taken and passed.
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