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Hinduism :)

What is Hinduism's oldest sacred text? Rig Veda
What is the Hindu term for liberation? Moksha
What is the doctrine that all reality is unlimately one? monism
Hindu's believe that the eternal essence of reality and the source of the universe are called _______________________. Brahman
What is Atman? The ultimate reality within, the eternal self
What is the doctrine of samsara? the wheel of reincarnation
What is Hinduism's most popular sacred text? Bhagabad-Gita
Traditionally there are ________________ gods and goddesses in Hindusim? 330 million
What Hindu principle that literally means "action" or "deeds"? Karma
What Hindu principle holds people accountable for their actions? Karma
What is the standard of ethical duty based on the divine order of reality? Dharma
What are the 4 traditional divisions in the caste system? Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra
What is the additional category of the caste system, otherwise or the outcastes in society? Untouchables
Term: "nonviolence," both the avoidance of violence toward other life-forms and an active sense of compassion towards them Ahisma
Hinduism may be the world's ___________ religion. oldest
Who is the founder of Hinduism? there isn't one *trick question*
What is the ultimate goal in Hinduism to achieve purity and merge with Atman
Term: the goal of desire. Kama
Term: the goal of worldly success. Artha
Term: the goal of duty. Dharma
Term: the supreme and final goal-merge with Atman and have consciousness and joy Moksha
What are the 4 stages of life? 1) student, 2) householder, 3) forest dweller, 4) sannyasin
What are the philosophical commentary of the Rig Veda Upanishads
What are the three paths to Liberation? Karma Marga, Jnana Marga, and Bhakti Marga
Term: one of the three paths to Liberation-- "The Path of Works" Karma Marga
Term: one of the three paths to Liberation-- "The Path of Knowledge" Jnana Marga
Term: one of the three paths to Liberation-- "The Path of Devotion" Bhakti Marga
Term: understanding the nature of the Universe Cosmology
Term: an incarnation, or living embodiment of a diety who is sent to Earth to accomplish a divine purpose Avatar
Term: the comsic illusion brought about by the divine creative power Maya
Term: a trancelike state in which self-consciousnees is lost, and the mind is absorbed into the ultimate reality; the culmination of the eight steps of Yoga Samadhi
Term: a wandering ascetic who has advanced to the 4th and highest stage in Hindu Life Sannyasin
Term: the traditional practive of buring a widow on her husband's funeral pyre; outlawed in 1829- though still rarely occurs Sati
Created by: rogershistory3