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med term 1001

prefix and suffix

pre before
peri around
post after
epi above, upon
hypo under, below, deficient
infra under, below
sub under
inter between
pro or pre before, infront
retro backward, behind
bi two
dipl or diplo double
hemi one half
hyper excessive, above normal
macro large
micro small
mono or uni one
multi or poly many, much
primi first
quadri four
tri three
ab from, away from
ad toward
circum around
dia or trans through, across
ecto or exo or extra outside, outward
endo or intra in, within
para near, beside, beyond
super upper,above
supra above, excessive, superior
ultra excess, beyond
a or an without, not
anti or contra against
brady slow
dys bad, painful, difficult
eu good, normal
hetero different
homo or homeo same
mal bad
pan all
pseudo false
syn union, together, joined
tachy rapid
itis inflamation
emesis vomiting
dynia pain
logy study of
centesis surgical puncture
clasis to break, surgical fracture
desis binding, fixation of a bone or joint
ectomy excision, removal
lysis separation, destruction, loosening
pexy fixation, of an organ
plasty surgical repair
rrhaphy suture
stomy forming an opening (mouth)
tome instrument to cut
tomy incision
tripsy crushing
gram record, writing
graph instrument for recording
graphy process of recording
meter instrument for measuring
metry act of measuring
scope instrument for examining
scopy visual examination
algia or dynia pain
cele hernia, swelling
ectasis dilatation, expansion
edema swelling
emesis vomiting
emia blood condition
gen or genesis forming, producing, origin
iasis abnormal condition, produced by something specific
lith stone, calculus
malacia softening
megaly enlargement
oma tumor
osis abnormal condition, increase used primarily with blood cells
pathy disease
penia decrease, deficiency
phagia eating, swallowing
phasia speech
phobia fear
plasia or plasm formation, growth
plegia paralysis
ptosis prolapse, downward displacement
rrhage or rrhagia bursting forth (of)
rrhea discharge, flow
rrhexis rupture
sclerosis abnormal condition of hardening
spasm involuntary contraction, twitching
stenosis narrowing, stricture
toxic poison
trophy nourishment, development
ac, al, ar, ary, eal, ic, ical, ile, ior, ous, tic pertaning to
esis, ia, ism, ist, y condition, process
iatry medicine, treatment
icle, ole, ule small, minute
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