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LOM CH 6 Review

-tresia opening
-emesis condition of vomiting
-ptysis condition of spitting
-phagia eating, swallowing
-pepsia digestion
-plasty surgical repair
-centesis surgical puncture, withdraw fluid or air
-spasm sudden, involuntary contraction of muscles
-stasis stopping or controlling
-stalsis constriction or contraction
-rrhaphy suture
-rrhagia bursting forth (of blood)
-lithiasis abnormal condition of having stones
-rrhea flow, discharge
-sclerosis condition of hardening
-stenosis tightening, narrowing, stricture
-ptosis prolapse, drooping, sagging, protruding
-lysis destruction, breakdown, separation
-ectasia stretching, dilation, widening
surgical repair of the pyloric sphincter pyloroplasty
repair or suture of the duodenum duodenorrhaphy
incision into the cecum cecotomy
dilation of the stomach gastrectasia
magnetic resonance imaging MRI
constriction surrounding an area or organ parastalsis
pain in the tooth (toothache) odontalgia
stricture or tightening of the rectum rectostenosis
breakdown of fat lipolysis
procedure of an incision to remove stones from gallbladder cholelithotomy
pertaining to the lips, tongue, and pharynx cheiloglossopharangeal
formation of anastomosis between two portions of the jejunum jejunojejunostomy
abnormal tube-like passageway near the anus anal fistula
bleeding within the stomach gastorrhagia
chewing mastication
swallowing deglutition
any surgical connection between two parts anastomosis
droop, sag, prolapse ptosis
process of visually examining the colon colonoscopy
condition of no opening atresia
creating a new opening between the jejunum and the ileum jejunoileostomy
suture of a hernia herniorrhaphy
pertaining to the cheek buccal
surgical repair of the pyloric sphincter pyloroplasty
frequent passage of loose, watery stools; flow through as it relates to watery stools diarrhea
difficult or bad digestion dyspepsia
prolapse of the stomach gastroptosis
tightening of the esophagus esophagostenosis
lack of appetite anorexia
painful, inflammed intestines dysentery
incision into the salivary gland sialadenotomy
lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach achlorohydria
abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdomen ascites
black, tarry stool melena
yellowing or jaundice icterus
inflammation of the throat pharyngitis
gallstone cholelith
after meals postprandial
constriction and relaxation of the muscle around the walls of the digestive tract parastalsis
abnormal side pockets in the intestinal wall diverticulosis
pertaining to the tongue and the palate glossopaletine
inflammation of the mouth with small painful ulcers aphthous stomatitis
inflammation of the salivary ducts sialodochitis
fatty stool; fat in the feces steatorrhea
creating communication between two portions of the small intestine enteroenterostomy
softening of the bones osteomalasia
inflammation of the lips cheilitis
incision in the small intestine enterotomy
surgical puncture to remove fluid from the abdominal cavity abdominocentesis
hemerrhage from a tooth odontorrhagia
repair (suture) of a hernia herniorrhaphy
prolapse of the stomach gastroptosis
process of recording the gallbladder cholecystography
vomiting of blood hematemesis
stopping or controlling blood flow hemostasis
dilation of a lymph vessel lymphangiectasia
stone in a salivary gland sialadenolith
inability to swallow aphagia
process of visually examining the anus and the rectum proctoscopy
removal (excision) of the pancreas pancreatectomy
spitting blood hemoptysis
bursting forth of blood hemorrhage
new opening between the cecum and the colon cecocolostomy
involuntary contraction of the pyloric sphincter pylorospasm
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