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Hinduism & Buddhism

Our World

Chandragupta Maurya Founded Maurya empire Built Grand Trunk RoadUnified Much of India
Asoka Grandson of Chandragupta MauryaCruel at first, then converted to Buddhism Expanded empire and encouraged people to be tolerant of all faiths
Chandragupta 1 Founded the Gupta empirerenamed himself, so people would think of him as connected to Chandragupta Maurya
Samudragupta Son of Chandragupta 1Expanded the Gupta empire
Chandragupta II LOVED learning!Supported the arts; scholars; mathmeticians,architects, artists, writers sat at court with him.
Middle Way Way of life nor too strict nor too easy. Like a stringed guitar.
Devi The Mother of All Creation
Ganesh The God of Success or The remover of obstacles
The Four Noble Truths 1)Life is filled wiht suffering2)Suffering is caused by people wanting more pleasure, more pwer, or a longer life.3)Suffering can end only when people stop wanting things.4)People must follow eight basic laws if they're to stop wanting things.
Buddhism Is the religion started by Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha). The religion of there can be no suffering. and the Buddhist's must follow the Middle Way, The Four Noble Truths, and The Eightfold Path.
The Eightfold Path A set of instructions on the proper way to live.
Dhrama Includes hundreds of rules that tell Hindus of each caste how to live.
Vishnu The Presever or The One That is All.
Shiva The God of Time and Destruction.
Monk A man who gives up all he owns and gives his life to religion.
Buddha Once Prince Siddhartha Guatama gave his life to be a monk. And then started a religion called Buddhism."The Awakened One"
Karma Is a force caused by a person's good or bad acts.
Reincarnation According to the Vedas, people move in a continuing circle of birth,death,and rebirth.
Caste System Is a system of people in certain groups1)Priests2)Princes3)Professionals and Merchants4)Servants
Vedas Contains basic beliefs of Hinduism.The oldest Veda has more than 1,000 religous songs were printed between 100-300 B.C
Hinduism One of the World's oldest religions began with the aryan invaders.
Aryans People from Central Asia
Cylinder Seals Identified each merchants goods.
Sanskrit Ancient Indian language
Archaeologists A person who studies the remains of past cultures.
Subcontinent Large landmass that is geographically separated from the rest of the continent.
Himalayan Mountians Mountain range that separates the Indian subcontinent from teh reast of Asia.
Body of Water the Indus River flows into Arabian Sea
Proverb Short saying expressing a well-known truth or fact
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