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Soc 316 final


nocturia need to get up at night & empty bladder
apoptosis programmed cell death
Programmed theories endocrine theory autoimmune disease Hayflick theory
Error theories Wear & Tear theory genetic mutations (somatic DNA damage) cross-linking
Longevity Enhancement DHEA HGH Caloric Restriction Telomere Therapy Cloning/organ replacement Cryonics
age dependent diseases cataracts osterporosis emphysema wrinkles osteoarthritis nodular prostate..
age related heart disease hypertension heart attack stroke Alzhiemer's Parkinson's
intelligence scale: 6 verbal, 5 performance Wechsler Adult intelligence scale
fluid intelligence 1 spacial orientation 2 abstract reasoning 3 word fluency 4 inductive reasoning
crystallized intelligence 1 verbal meaning 2 word association 3 social judgment 4 number skills
IQ - problem solving - verbal competence - social competence
professional ageism over-generalization of Alzheimer's
Irreversible Dementias degenerative diseases (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's) Huntington's AIDS neurosyphilis
Reversible Dementias delirium toxic reactions depression vitamin B12 deficiency hydrosephalus tumors subdural hematomas
Terminal Drop/Decline rapid decline in cognitive function within 5 yrs of death
Role Theory role based on age - age norms - age appropriate - role exit
Disengagement Theory vs. Activity Theory vs. Gerotranscendence Theory withdraw stay active look inside
Continuity theory maintain patterns of behavior as you age
age passing looking younger to get privileges of youth
intimacy @ a distance contact via phone, email, letters etc
skipped generation household grandparents parenting grandkid
Social integration social networks + social support= social integration
average caregiver 46, female, married, works, $35,000
ten year rule if married for 10 yrs, get spouse's social security
Reverse Annuity mortgages (RAMs) stays in home until death signs house to bank
Eden Alternative Bill Thomas animals in nursing home
3-legged stool of retirement 1 social security 2 savings 3 pensions
gerontology vs. geriatrics study of old elderly's medicine
Patient Advocate Forms 1 no life support 2 life support if likely to recover 3 life support at all costs
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