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SBGR Clinical Review

SBGR MA 190 Week 1

triage to determine the priority for handling patients based on need
IM intramuscular
SQ subcutaneous
ID intradermal
venipuncture the transcutaneous puncture of a vein to collect a sample of blood
Hct hematocrit
Hgb hemoglobin
hypoglycemia low blood sugar
hyperglycemia high blood sugar
erythrocyte red blood cell, RBC
leukocyte white blood cell, WBC
platelets fragments of cells, important for blood clotting
serum blood plasma with clotting factors removed
phlebotomy the practice of drawing blood
diabetes condition causing defects in the secretion of insulin
IDDM insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
NIDDM non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
hyperthyroidism excessive secretion of hormones from the thyroid gland
hypothyroidism insufficent secretion of hormones from the thyroid gland
Created by: SBGrandRapids