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chabner ch.20

review of charpter 20

movement toward midline adduction
turned inward inversion
movement away from midline abduction
from a stable substance to a charged particle ionization
lying down; prone or supine recumbent
turning outward eversion
bending a part flexion
straightening a limb extension
obstructing passage of x-rays radiopaque
aids in performing ultrasound procedure sonogram
permitting passage of x-rays radiolucent
lying on side lateral decubitus
x-ray tube from an angle oblique
on the side lateral
anteroposterior veiw; front to back AP
lying on belly prone
lying on back supine
Posteroanterior view;back to front PA
uterus and fallopian tubes hysterosalpingography
lower gastrointestinal tract barium enema
bile vessels;ducts cholangiography
esophagus, stomach,and small intestine upper GI tract
joints anthrography
blood vessels angiography
urinary tract retrograde pyelography
spinal cord myelography
therapeutic procedures are performed under guidance of fluoroscopy,CT, MRI, Ultrasonography interventional radiology
x-ray pictures are taken around circular area of body and computer transmits it into composite images computed tomography
magnetic field and radio waves are used to form images of body magnetic resonance imaging
x-ray beams are focused onto image intensifiers that glow as result of ionizing effect of x-rays fluoroscopy
use of echoes of high frequency sound waves to diagnose disease ultrasonography
use of motion picture to record x-ray images cineradiography
radiopaque substance given and conventional x-rays taken contrast studies
study of radioactive substance in diagnosis of disease nuclear medicine
specializes in diagnostic radiology radiologist
radioactive chemical giving off energy in form of radiation radioisotope
radioactive drug given for diagnostic purposes radiophamaceutical
fluor/o luminous,flourescence
is/o same
pharmaceut/o drug
radi/o x-rays
roentgen/o x-rays
son/o sound
therapeut/o treatment
vitr/o glass
viv/o life
-gram record
-graphy process of recording
-lucent to shine
-opaque obscure
cine- movement
echo- a repeated sound
ultra- beyond
MRI magnetic resonance
SPECT single-photon emission computed tomography
PACS picture archival and communications system
UGI upper gastrointestinal series
CXR chest x-ray
DSA digital subtraction angiography
IVP intravenous pyelogram
LAT lateral
U/S ultrasound
99m Tc radioactive technetium
gamma camera machine that detects rays emitted by radioactive substances
positron emission tomography (PET) radioactive glucose is injected and traced to body cells
radioisotope radioactive form of a substance; gives off radiation
transducer handheld device that sends and recieves ultrasound signals
uptake rate of absorption of a radionuclide into an organ or tissue
echocardiography ultrasound used to create an image of the heart
roentgenology study of x-rays; radiology
in vitro process,test,or procedure in which something is measured or observed outside a living organism
in vivo process,test,or procedure in which something is measured or observed in a living organism
tracer studies test in which radioactive substance are used with chemicals and followed as they travel throughout the body
uptake rate of absorption of a radionuclide into an organ or tissue
perfusion lung scan imaging technique in which radiopharmaceutical is injected intravenously and traced within the blood vessels of the lung
ventilation lung scan imaging technique in which a radiopharmaceutical is inhaled and its passage through the respiratory tract is traced on a scan
bone scan a radioactive phosphate compound is injected intravenously and bones are scanned for evidence of tumors
gallium scan imaging technique in which the radioisotope gallium-67 is injected intravenously and the body is scanned
thyroid scan imaging technique in which a radioactive substance is given intravenously and a scan is made to assess its uptake in the thyroid gland
technetium Tc-99m sestamibi scan test of heart muscle function
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