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Chap - 1


The agency responsible for stopping illegal drug production & importation & monitoring need for changing schedules of abused drugs: Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
The law designates the drugs that can be sold without a prescription: Federal Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Act (1938) & its amendments (1951 & '65)
A law to label drugs for potential to be abused according to their degree of danger" Controlled Substances Act
control substance schedule that can be refilled by a hand written prescription only Schedule 2
drug with highest potential for abuse are found under control substance Schedule 1
an essential guideline that a health care worker involved in dispensing medications keep controlled substances securely locked
total number of schedules covered by Controlled Substances Act five
assure all preparation by the same drug name must be of uniform strength, quality, & purity drug standards
records of each controlled substance ___, ___, or ___ must be kept available for review for more than two years dispensed, received, or destroyed
includes drugs not approved for medical use in the US Schedule 1
federal agency concerned with enforcing standards for safe drugs, foods, and cosmetics is called the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
a law to label drugs for potential to be abused according to their degree of danger the Controlled Substances Act
federal agency responsible for monitoring the need for changing schedules of abused drugs & enforcing laws regarding controlled substances DEA
first major US drug law, passed 1906, was called the Pure Food and Drug Act
Federal Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Act established the __ to enforce its provisions FDA
established the US Pharmacopoeia (USP) & the National Formulary (NF) references for officially approved drugs the Pure Food & Drug Act
Schedules for controlled substances will be listed in the Physicians Desk Reference as well as drug __ & drug __ inserts; packages
illegally produced drugs are included in Schedule C - I
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