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Fetal Growth


Infants in the __ percentile are classified as having intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) < or =10th
Infants in the __ percentile are classified as large for gestational age (LGA) > or = 90th
Both IUGR and LGA fetuses have increased risk for __ Perinatal morbidity and mortality
A pregnancy cannot be described as IUGR unless what is known with certainty Gestational age
What does symmetric IUGR refer to Infants in which all organs are decreased proportionally
Symmetric IUGR infants are more likely to have __ An endogenous defect that results in impairment of early fetal cellular hyperplasi
What does asymmetric IUGR refer to Infants in which all organs are decreased disproportionately (abdominal circumference is affected to a greater degree than head circumference)
Asymmetric IUGR infants are more likely caused by __ Intrauterine deprivation that results in redistribution of flow to the brain and heart at the expense of less important organs such as the liver and kidneys
An infant with an autosomal __ is more likely to be IUGR Trisomal
Multiple gestation is associated with a __% increased incidence of IUGR fetuses 20-30
What is the most common maternal complication causing IUGR Hypertension
Women who stop smoking before __ weeks gestation are not at increased risk for having an IUGR infant 16
Measurable effect on birthweight (risk of IUGR) seen with daily PO intake of: <1500 kcal/day
What are some vascular diseases that are risk factors for having an IUGR infant Collagen vascular disease, insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus associated with microvasculopathy and preeclampsia
What is the best parameter for early dating of pregnancy on ultra sound Crown-rump length
What are the most accurate parameters for dating of pregnancy in the second trimester Biparietal diameter, and HC
Most accurate parameter for dating of pregnancy in the third trimester Head circumference
Single most common preventable cause of IUGR in infants in the US Smoking
Data shows that IUGR infants appear to catch up in weight in the first __ of life 6 months
Taken as a group IUGR infants have more __ than do their AGA peers Neurologic and intellectual deficits
The incidence of __ is increased in IUGR infants Sudden infant death syndrome
Maternal obesity is associated with a __ increased likelihood of fetal macrosomia 3-4 fold
Male fetuses are __g heavier on average than female fetuses 150
What is the best single measure in evaluating macrosomia by ultrasound in diabetic mothers Abdominal circumference
Estimated fetal wt. by __ is not very accurate Ultrasound
Pregnant who drinks during pregnancy and inadequate peri-natal care Fetal alcohol syndrome / low birth weight
Fetuses with neural tube defects are frequently: IUGR weighing approximately 250g less than controls
Women who stop smoking before __ weeks gestation are not at increased risk for having an IUGR infant 16
Created by: Abarnard
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