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SBGR Office Admin

SBGR MA 180 Week 1 Pearson's (2012 EK)

clarity the quality or state of being understandable
enunciation the clear articulation and pronouncement of words
inflection the changes in pitch and tone of your voice
voice messaging system allows messages to be left or recorded
call forwarding allows calls to be forwarded to another telephone
conference call a telephone call between several people from different locations to allow a joint conversation
answering service an office usually off-site that answers the phone for the doctor's office
automated assistance program a system that directs callers to the appropriate person through a series of questions
grammar classes of words, their inflection and functions in a sentence
redundant more than is needed or repeating information
queue waiting line that feeds calls into an office
referral document which shows authorization usually from an insurance company
telephone triage determining the order in which to take patient calls
automated assistance program directs callers to the appropriate person through a series of questions
telephone directory usually refers to a phone book
Created by: SBGrandRapids