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SBGR Office Admin

SBGR MA 180 Week 2 Pearson's (2012 EK)

receptionist employee that greets and assists incoming patients
medical emergency patient condition that requires the immediate attention of a physician
collating the collecting records, test results, and information and organizing the information
facsimile fax: document electronically transmitted through phone lines
perception how one understands something to be
sarcasm sharp and often satirical response or utterance designed to cut or give pain
stereotyping standardizing or representing an oversimplified opinion
apathy absence of emotion or enthusiam
empathy understanding and entering into anothers feelings
self-esteem a persons overall evaluation of ones own worth
exemplify serve as an example
feedback transmission of information to the original source about an action, event or process
assessment evaluation of achievement
assertive confidentialy self-assured
competent properly qualified
demeanor the way a person behaves toward others
optimistic having a positive outlook
grief deep distress caused by bereavement, a loss or a perceived loss
enunciate to utter articulate sounds
paraphrasing to express an idea in different wording
demographic information such as age, gender, ethnic background, education, etc.
overbooking when more than one patient is scheduled in the same time slot
no-show patients who do not keep their appointment and do not call to cancel it
gender bias indicating either male or female by the type of language used
redundant repeating the same word or information
active voice the subject of the sentence performs the action
passive voice the subject of the sentence receives the action
homophones words that have similar pronunciations but different meanings
closing refers to the courtesy words at the end of a letter such as sincerely, thank you, etc.
reference initials shows the initials of the person who typed the letter
proofreading checking for errors in content and typing
thesaurus provides a similar meaning for words
e-mail electronic mail communication
Created by: SBGrandRapids