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Theorists and Theory

Theorists and Theories from the Rubenstein book

Who developed the five stages of the evolution of the American metropolis? John Borchert
What are the five stages of evolution developed by Borchert? 1)Sail-Wagon2)Iron-Horse3)Steel-Rail4)Auto-Air5) High Tech
What is Boserup's hypothesis? Stage 1: forest-fallowStage 2: bush-fallowStage 3: fallow shortensStage 4: annual croppingStage 5: multi-cropping
What is the Concentric Zone Model, and who developed it? The urban area develops outward from the CDB in concentric rings. The Model says that the Urban area develops into 6 zones: CBD, industry/poor housing, stable working class, middle-class, commmuter zone-suburbs
What are technopoles? Places where high-tech industries locate near sites of higher education and agglomerate to utilize highly skilled workers
What is Central Place Theory? market areas are arranged in a regular pattern. Larger market areas, based in larger settlements, are fewer in number and farther apart from each other than smaller market areas and settlements.
What is Mulitple Nuceli Model? A city consists of a collection of individual nodes, or centers, around which different types of people and activities cluster
What are the types of boundaries defined by Richard Hartshome? antecedent, superimposed, subsequent, relic
What is the Sector Model? Urban area develops in sectors rather than rings.
What is Environmental Determinism? the climate and the terrain are a major determinant of civilization
What is a primate city? the largest city of a country...it dominates in economics, social factors, and politics
What is rank size rule? 2nd largest city is 1/2 the size of the primate city
What is the Heartland theory? Whoever rules Eastern Europe, commands the Heartland.Whoever rules the Heartland commands the world island.Whoever commands the world island, commands the world
How is land used in Southeast Asian cities? Old colonial port cities surrounded by a new commercial district with no CBD
What is the Organic Theory of Nations? Nations act like livin organisms; they must grow and will eventually decline.
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