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Chapter19King David

Religion Chapter 19 King David CODY EDWARDS

Why was the Spirit of God no longer with Saul? He was no longer open to the Spirit of God.
Who was sent by God to anoint a new King for Israel? Samuel
Who did Samuel anoint to replace Saul? David
Who was David's dad? Jessie
Where was Jessie from? Bethlehem
Where was David from? Bethlehem
God told Samuel not to anoint a king based on what? Appearance
How many son's did Jessie have? Seven
Who was Jessie's youngest son? David
What was David doing for his father when Samuel came to find a new king? He was a shepherd in his father's flocks
How did Samuel know David was the one to anoint? God told him, "There--anoint him, for this is he."
After _________and his son__________ died, Israel named David as the new king. Saul, Ishbaal
*How did David show his gift of leadership? by obeying God's laws, serving his people, and providing protection for those who were vulnerable. He also lead Israel in battle and conquered new lands and built up their confidence
Where did David make Israel's new capitol? Jerusalem
What woman did David see that he had "desires" for? Bathsheba
Was Bathsheba married or single? She was married
Who was Bathsheba married to? Uriah
What did David do to Uriah? He order that Uriah be placed him at the front of the war front so he would be killed in battle
What did David do with Bathsheba? Naughty things, he got her pregnant
What happened after Uriah was killed in battle? Bathsheba became David's wife
Who did God send to scold David? Nathan the prophet
How did Nathan convince David that he sinned against God and man? He told him a story of a rich man who stole a poor mans one and only lamb.
What was God's punishment to David for his sins with Bathsheba and killing Uriah? The son that Bathsheba was going to give birth to would die.
What did David do to get God to change his mind? He fasted and prayed, hoping the child's life would be saved?
What happened to David and Bathsheba's son after he was born? His son died 7 days after he was born
What book contains prayer-songs that are full of praise, love, and gratitude fir God's kindness? Book of Psalms
Many psalms contain messages of sorrow for offensives and ask for what? God's forgiveness
Why are the psalms important? They are an example of prayer in the Old Testament
Many of the Psalms were written by whom? King David
Who also prayed the psalms throughout his life? Jesus
From what part of a Psalms did Jesus call out while he was dying on the cross? Psalm 22..."My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?"
Psalms can be prayed as what? Personal or communal prayers
What psalm to many Catholic pray before confession? Psalm 51
What do Psalms remind us of? How God keeps his promises in the past, and express hope in the future
Who did King David want to be anointed king after him? his son, Solomon
What did King David tell his son, Solomon, before he died? "Take courage, and be a man. Keep the mandate of the Lord, your God, follow his ways...that you may succeed in whatever you do."
How long did David rule over Israel? 40 years
When David died, where was he buried? Jerusalem
What is another name for Jerusalem? The City of David
What did the Lord ask King Solomon in a dream? "Solomon, ask a favor of me, and I will give it to you."
How did Solomon respond to the Lord's dream? He told the Lord that he wanted "...understanding to judge the people and distinguish right from wrong."
What gift did Solomon receive from God? The Gift of Wisdom
What are the gifts of the Holy Sprint? Wisdom, understanding, council, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.
Through the Sacrament of Confirmation what happend? Our relationship with Jesus is strengthened.
Tradition says the Solomon composed how man Proverbs? 3,000
What else is Solomon given credit for in the Old Testament? All of the Wisdom literature
What did Solomon do for Israel? He b rough Israel great wealth and fame; increased Israel's trade and military power.
How many palaces Solomon have? Two, one for himself, and one for his wife
Who did God want to build his Temple, David or Solomon? Solomon
Who prophecy was it that David's son would build the Temple? Nathan
Who long did it take to build the Temple? Seven Years
What happened on the day of dedication of the Temple? The people of Israel gathered around, and offered sacrifices to the Lord; the priests brought the Ark of the Covenant to the temple and placed it in the Holy of Holies.
What is the Holy of Holies? A special room in the Temple that holds the Ark of the Covenant
What did Solomon say to the people at the Temples dedication? "Is it possible for God to dwell among men? "If the heavens cannot contain your greatness how much less can this Temple which I have built contain you?"
What did Solomon do to please his pagan wives? He built temple to their gods.
What did Solomon end up doing? Worshiping the false gods of Israel's pagan neighbors.
What did God tell Solomon he would do since he was worshiping false Gods? That most of his kingdom would NOT be ruled by his descendants
What happened after Solonom's death? The Kingdom of Isreal was divided into two (10 tribes in the North formed Israel, and two tribes in the south formed Judah)
Who were the greatest Kings Israel ever had? Solomon and David
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