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MBTI - Word Parts

Marea's Medical term word parts

a without
abdomin / o abdomen
aden / o gland
adren / o adrenal
adrenal / o adrenal
-al pertaining to
-algia pain
an- without
angi / o blood vessel
aort / o aorta
appendic / o appendix
-ar pertaining to
arteri / o artery
arthr / o joint
blephar / o eyelid
brady- slow
bronch / o bronchus
cardi / o heart
-cele herniation, protrusion
-centesis surgical puncture to aspirate fluid
cerebell / o cerebellum
cerebro / o cerebrum, BRAIN
cervic / o cervix
cheil / o lip
chol / e bile, gall
chol / o bile, gall
chondr / o cartilage
clavic / o clavicle
clavicul / o clavicle
col / o colon
colp / o vagina
conjuctiv / o conjuctiva, (part of the eye)
cost / o rib
crani / o cranium, (skull)
cutane / o skin
cyan / o blue
cyst / o bladder, sac
cyt / o cell
derm / o skin
dermat / o skin
duoden / o duodenum (part of the intestine)
dys difficult, labored, painful, abnormal
-ectomy excision, surgical removal
electro / o electricity, electrical activity
-emia condition of the blood
encephal / o brain
endo- within
enter / o intestine
epitheli / o epithelium
erythr / o red
esophag / o esophagus
femor / o femur
gastr / o stomach
-genic producing, originating, causing
gloss / o tongue
-gram record, x-ray image
-graph instrument used to record
-graphy process of recording, x-ray imaging
gynec / o woman
hem / o blood
hemat / o blood
hepat / o liver
herni / o protrusion of a body part
hist / o tissue
humer / o humerus
hyper above normal
hypo below normal
hyster / o uterus
-iasis condition of
-ic pertaining to
ile / o ileum
intra- within
irid / o iris
-itis inflammation
kerat / o cornea
lamin / o lamina
lapar / o abdomen
laryng / o larynx
leuk / o white
lingu / o tongue
lip / o fat
lith / o stone, calculus
-logist one who specializes in the diagnosis & treatment of
-logy study of
mamm / o breast
mast / o breast
-megaly enlargement
men / o menstruation
mening / o meninges
menisc / o meniscus
metr / o uterus
my / o muscle
myel / o spinal cord, bone marrow
myring / o tympanic membrane
nephr / o kidney
neur / o nerve
-oid resembling
-oma tumor
onc / o cancer
oophor / o ovary
ophthalm / o eye
orchi / o testicle, testis
orchid / o testicle, testis
-osis abnormal condition
oste / o bone
ot / o ear
-ous pertaining to
pancreat / o pancreas
parathyroid / o parathyroid
patell / o patella
path / o disease
peri surrounding (outer)
perine / o perineum
-pexy surgical fixation
phalang / o phalange
pharyng / o pharynx
phas / o speech
phleb / o vein
-plasty surgical repair
-plegia paralysis, stroke
pleur / o pleura
-pnea respiration breathing
pneum / o air, lung
pneumon / o lung
poli / o gray matter
proct / o rectum
prostat / o prostate
psych / o mind
pulmon / o lung
pyel / o renal pelvis
ren / o kidney
retin / o retina
rhin / o nose
-rrhagia rapid flow of blood
-rrhaphy surgical repair
-rrhea excessive discharge, flow
salping / o fallopian or uterine tube
sarc / o connective tissue, flesh
scapul / o scapula (shoulder blade)
scler / o sclera (hard)
-sclerosis hardening
-scope instrument used for visual examination
-scopy visual examination
sigmoid / o sigmoid colon
spin / o spine
splen / o spleen
staped / o stapes
-stenosis narrowing
stern / o sternum
stomat / o mouth
stomy creation of an artificial opening
sub under or below
tachy fast, rapid
thorac / o chest
thromb / o clot
thyr / o thyroid
-tomy surgical incision or to cut into
tonsil / o tonsil
trache / o trachea
trans through, across, beyond
trich / o hair
-trophy development, nourishment
ungu / o nail
ur / o urine, urinary tract
ureter / o ureter
urethr / o urethra
urin / o urine
uter / o uterus
vagin / o vagina
vas / o vessel, duct
ven / o vein
vertebr / o vertebra
viscer / o internal organs
cancer / o cancer
carcin / 0 cancer
Created by: Marea