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SBGR Skeletal

SBGR ALH 185 Skeletal (2012 EK)

calcium Plays a role in the homeostatic regulation of activities of intestines, bones and kidneys
axial skeleton Consists of bones of the skull, thorax and vertebral column
appendicular pertaining to the arms & hands, legs & feet
axis Resembles more inferior cervical vertebrae except for the presence of the prominent dens on the superior surface of the body
orthopedics The medical specialty that focuses on injuries and diseases of your body's musculoskeletal system
fracture A break or crack in a bone
epiphyseal plate Area at the long end of the bone which contains growing bone
dislocation Articulating surface is forced out of position
bursa A small sac filled with synovial fluid that cushions adjacent structures and reduces friction
osteomyelitis Infection of the bone caused by bacteria
collagen A strong, insoluble protein fiber common in connective tissues
tendon A collagenous band that connects a skeletal muscle to an element of the skeleton
ligament A dense band of connective tissue fibers that attaches one bone to another
diaphysis The shaft of a long bone
meatus An opening or entrance into a passageway
achondroplasia Results from abnormal epiphyseal activity
atlas Has no vertebral body and no spinous process, but it has a large, round vertebral foramen bounded by anterior and posterior arches
fontanelles A relatively soft, flexible, fibrous region between two flat bones in the developing skull
vomer Forms the inferior portion of the bony nasal septum
meniscus A fibrous cartilage pad between opposing surfaces in a joint
Created by: SBGrandRapids