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SBGR Urinary System

SBGR ALH 165 Urinary System (2012 LS)

Urinary system Eliminates excess water, salts and physiological wastes by producing urine
Kidneys Perform the excretory functions of the urinary system
Urine A fluid containing water, ions and small soluble compounds
Ureters Receives the urine from the kidneys and conducts it to the urinary bladder
Urinary bladder Receives and stores urine prior to its elimination from the body
Urination Ejection of urine
Urethra Passageway that conducts urine from the urinary bladder to the outside of the body
Hilum Point of entry for the renal artery and renal nerves
Renal cortex Superficial region of the kidney in contact with the fibrous capsule
Renal medulla Extends from the renal cortex to the renal sinus
Renal pyramid Conical structure extending from the cortex to the renal sinus
Renal column Separates adjacent pyramids
Nephron Microscopic structure that performs essential functions of the kidney
Renal corpuscle Spherical structure consisting of the glomerular capsule and the glomerulus
Nephron loop Establishes an osmotic gradient in the renal medulla
Collecting system A series of tubes that carry tubular fluid away from the nephron
Cortical nephrons Make up 85% of all nephrons and are located almost entirely within the superficial cortex of the kidney
Glomerulus Capillary knot
Vasa recta Long, straight capillaries that parallel the nephron loop
Urea By-product of the breakdown of amino acids in the liver
Creatinine Generated in skeletal muscle tissue through the breakdown of creatine phosphate
Uric acid Waste product formed during the recycling of the nitrogenous bases of RNA molecules
Filtration Blood pressure forces water and solutes across the membranes of the glomerular capillaries and into the capsular space
Reabsorption Removal of water and solutes from the tubular fluid and their movement across the tubular epithelium and into the peritubular fluid
Secretion Transport of solutes from the peritubular fluid, across the tubular epithelium, and into the tubular fluid
Created by: SBGrandRapids