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Name: types of services consumer, business, public
define: consumer services 1. Retail: provide goods for sale to consumers 2. personal: provide services for the well'being and personal improvment of consumers
Define: business services 1. Producer: provide services to help people conduct other business (agriculture) 2.Transportation and imfo: business that diffuse and distribute services
define: Public services to provide security and protection for citizens and businesses
becaue of the increase in health-care, what service has increased? personal services
what: circular rual settlemant consists of a central open space surrounded by structures
What: Linear settlement faeture building clustered along a road, river...to sacilitate communications
what is more efficant: clustered settlements or dispersed settlements dispersesed
What: enclouser movement in england (1750-1850) the govn't transformed the rual landscape by consolidating individually owned strips of land surrounding a village into a single farm (clustered to dispersed)
what shape is used to represent market area? pentagon
Define: threshold minimum # of people needed to support the service
Define: range how far a person will go for a service
where is the best location for a linear settlement? use the gravity model, put your service so that equal# of people live on eaither side, and the distance from the last costemer is equal on eaither side
Define: rank-size rule the country's nth-largest settlemant is 1/n the population of the largest settlement
Define: primate city rule the largest settlement has more than 2 times the people as the 2nd largest
Example: sector zone model mexico city
Example: multiple nuclei model L.A.
Example concentric model chi-town
Example: peripheral model core: US (MDC) peripheral: LDC
Created by: Mindless007