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ethnicity (chapter 7)

Describe: ethnic dispute in the Kashmir region Pakistan and India could never agree on a boundry seperating them so they have a "line of control", the region is mostly muslim and wants to become it's own state or part of pakistan, but 19million sikha favor india, there has been no resolution
Describe: ethnic disputes in Sri Lanka the sinhalese (buddhists,74%) and teh Tamils (hindu18%) the sinhalese dominate the govn't, commerce, & military but the tamils are fighting for their rights
Describe: the ethnic clash in Sudan the black christians in the south have been resisting govn't attempts to convert the country into a Muslim nation, they have set up intense gender laws in Sudan. the christian rebels have found little success and many have died or become refuges
Define: Nationalism loyalty and devotion to a nationality
Example of a (almost) nation-state Denmark: the Danes occupy most of Denmark except the ethnic borders don't match up on the germany/denmark border (some Germany speakers live in Denmark, some Danes live in Germany)
Define: Nation-state a states whose territory corresponds to that occupied by a particular ethnicity that has been transformed into a nationality
Define: Nationality identity with a group of people who share legal attachment and personal allegiance to a particular country (govn't)
Describe: Apartheid in S. Africa it was the physical separation of different races into different states. b/c most countries opposed they cutoff relations with S. Africa the system was demolished in 1991 and a black leader was elected
Define: race identity with a group of people that share a biological ancestor
Define: ethnicity identity with a group of people who share the cultural traditions tha a particular homeland or hearth (personal)
Describe: the destructio of Multi-ethnic Yugoslavia as long as it was 1 country, ethnic groups were ok with the divsion of the 6 repubils. but when the republics becase independant countires sthnicites fough over borders b/c the borders did not match the ethnic borders
Define:Balkanization a small geographic area that can not be organized into 1 or more stabe states b/c of the many ethnicities. worl leaders define it as: the process by which a state beakes down through conflicts among it ethnic groups
Created by: Mindless007