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religion (chapter 6)

Name the universalizing religions Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, baha'i
Name the most popular ethnic religions hindusm, judaism, daoism, shintoism, confucianism
Define: universalizing religion attempt to be global, to appeal to all people, they often celebrate the life of one person and do not form to only one culture or location
Define: ethnic religion appeals to one group of people in one location
Define: Branch large and fundamental division within a religion ( example: roman catholic)
Define: Denomination a division of a branch that unites a number of local congragations (example: the church of latter-day saint)
Define: monotheism belief in 1 god
Define: polytheism belief in many gods
Define: Animism gives inanimate objects spirts and conscious life
Define: Pagan follower of a polytheistic religion
How did christanity diffused? relocation diffusion: missionaries & migration
How did islam diffused? Relocation diffusin: trading & war & migration
How did buddhism diffused? Heierarchical diffusion: the buddist leader of the Magadhan Empire, then through relocation diffusion: Missonaries & trade
why has Judaism diffused? the jews have long been persecuted and forced to move through out the world ( relocation) but witht eh creatation of isral most jews live in that central location
differnce in between holy places for univ. and ethnic religions univ: focus on the places that were important in the fonders life Ethnic: phycical holy places
Define: cosmogony a set of religious bliefs concerning the origin of the universe
Define: fundamentalism literal interpretation and a strict intense adherence to basic principles of a religion
Example: Religion vs. social change Hinduism vs. Social equality: the ridged caste system has been relaxed and offically abolished and people in India are equal
Example: Religion vs. Communism Buddhism vs. Southeast Asian Countries: after/durning the vietnam war, many buddist shrines were destroyed in the bombing and the communist govn't has discouraged religious activites
Example: Religion vs. Religion Jews vs. Muslims (in palestine): b/c the british drew the boundires for israel without thinking about the muslims already on the land war and broken out between the 2 religions. despues over land (expecially Jerusalem) has made the are unsafe
Describe: christians vs. Muslims in Lebanon 60% muslim, 30% christian 10% other--christians had a majority of the govn't and controlled the countires main businesses but the muslims becaem the largest ethnic group they demanded equality. civil war broke out in 1975, no peace so syria took control
describe: religious wars in Ireland protestant north = United kingdom, the roman catholic = republic of ireland, the few R.C. in the north are discriminated aganist and the IRA (R.C. army) is devoted to uniting the irish no matter what the cost, these extreamist hurt the future of ireland
Created by: Mindless007