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Health Ch 23

Aids and STDs

A disease that attacks a person whose immune system is weakened by HIV is called? Opportunistic disease
___________ is the reduced ability to have children. Infertility
An incurable STD characterized by painful blisters are the genital area is called? Genital herpes
A painless sore that is the first sign of a syphilis infection is called? Chancre
What is the most common bacterial STD in this country? Chlamydia
A serious infection of the female reproductive organs that can cause infertility is? Gonorrhea and Chlamydia
____________ is a bacterial STD with symptoms similar to primary syphilis. Chancroid
Name the STD caused by a protozoan that infects the vagina or urinary tract. Trichomoniasis
Name the virus that causes genital warts. Human Papilloma
What causes an itchy condition caused by tiny mites that infest the hair around the genitals? Pubic lice and scabies
If left untreated, gonorrhea can lead to ____________. Infertility
An STD that attacks the liver is ____________? A. Vaginitis, B. Trichomoniasis, C. Scabies, D. Hepatitis B D
An STD that CANNOT be treated by antibiotics is? A. Gonorrhea, B. Chancroid, C. Genital Herpes, D. Syphilis C
The stage of syphilis in which it is hardest to detect infection is? A. Primary, B. Secondary, C. Latent, D. Late C
Created by: iVisKei