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folk & pop culture

folk and pop culture

Habit Repetitive act that a particular individual performs
custom is a repetivie act of a group
Folk culture is traditionally practiced by small, homogenous groups living in isolated rual areas
Popular culture found in large hetrogenous socieites that share cirtian habits despite differences in other personal characteristics
where are folk culture hearths they arr often anonymous and my have multiple hearths
Give an example of folk relocation diffusion The Amish: orignally from switzerland they migrated to parts of eurpoe and the USA and migrated to places with cheap land, isolated from other cultures they mantained their unique culture
Example: hierarchical diffusion of popular culture sports: many sports started out as folk customs and were diffused through migration, but with a gain in popularity they became a global sport
Why is folk culture clustered isolation and influence of physical environment
Example: Isolation promoting cultural diversity Himalayan art: the 4 different ethnic groups are seperated and isolated in the mountians, and they produce very differnt art. the different subjects of their paintings reflect their folk culture
Example: Physical enviroment footwear: the custom of wearing wodden shoes in the Netherlands b/c they are waterprooof, as they worked in the feilds they often got very wet, the shoes kept their feet dry
Define: Taboo a restriction on behavior imposed by social customs
What is unique about folk housing? the types of building materials is a reflection of what reasources are avabile. the forms of different houses relfect religious ideas
Example: loss of traditional values clothing in africa and asia: there is a contrast between clothing of rual farmwrokers and urban business men (there are more populart influences in the large cities--business suits)
Example: change of traditional roles of women from women of the home...to an increase in prostitution
Created by: Mindless007